Why visit CYPRUS in April?

Visit Cyprus in April and you will make the best choice for a perfect getaway!

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I’m always craving after an escape to nature! Whether it is to experience more beauty, get out of my daily routine, or to simply relax, traveling feeds both my body and soul.

So…What are your plans? Are you traveling anywhere this Spring? Tell me about it in the comment section below! Until then I hope you’ll love my pictures and enjoy Cyprus!

I had the opportunity to visit Cyprus in 2012 when I was so in Love with ‘him’ and with my Life! We decided to spend our Easter Holiday on the coastal city of Limassol in southwestern Cyprus. For me Easter is the best excuse to travel and enjoy every single moment. With only four days to explore, we focused on the Greek part of the island. We stayed at Amathus Beach Hotel, a luxury resort in Limassol where we had a seafront room that offered wide views of the waves. Known as having one of the biggest seacoast resorts in Cyprus, Limassol is a place that can cater to varied preferences.


With a goal of learning about the history of the island, I started my adventures in Cyprus, making a list with the must-see places. On our first day we visited some of the area’s best archaeological sites. The first stop was one of the oldest Cyprus sightseeing spots – said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite. The rock was surrounded by stone hearts that couples from all over the world had placed in the sand in honor of the Greek Goddess of Love. I told you already in an old post about my visit to the Aphrodite’s Rock.

From there we visited Kourion, a hilltop archaeological site, located near Limassol with ancient Roman and Byzantine roots. If you are on a cultural or just a relaxing visit Cyprus, you will find Limassol as a place abounding with impressive centuries old constructions. Kourion is home to excellent remains of this architecture, including an ancient theater that once sat 3,500 spectators, a Roman market with public baths, as well as the impressive House of Achilles with its intricate mosaic floors and gladiatorial stadium, dating back to fourth century AD. From villas to temples, houses to amphitheaters, the site is both large and impressive, offering stunning views over the sea. It is one of Cyprus’ most popular ancient attractions, known as the ancient city of Curium.


A short drive from Kourion stood the magnificent site Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates or “Apollo of the Woodlands”, charmingly situated amongst the surviving woodlands. The atmosphere of the site allows a visitor to experience a real sense of what life would have been like for the people coming to pray and make offerings to the God. The towering columns of the temple stands against the backdrop of the Troodos mountains in the background. The temple was a place of worship dedicated to a deity dating back to 6000 BC and indicates the arrival of the cult of Apollo on the island. Apollo was worshiped here until this Corinthian temple was destroyed by a large earth quake. It must be noted that what remains today is a reconstruction of the later building that was rebuilt in the 1st Century AD by the Romans.

I was amazed at how far Cyprus’ history stretched and how much of it is still visible today.

But the trip wasn’t entirely about Cyprus sightseeing. The island offered all kinds of other entertainment and we could enjoy much of it without leaving our hotel. Just outside of my room at the Amathus Beach Hotel there was a whole range of water sports on offer and the shore was lined with colorful lounge chairs and seaside cafes. Limassol is definitely the perfect place for a beach holiday. Soak up the sun or the coastal view! Sink your toes in warm, fine sand and watch the water vividly sparkle under the hot sun.

Now you understand why you should visit Cyprus in April?



When we weren’t eating, spa-ing or exploring Cyprus’ historical attractions, we were searching the beautiful island coast or Troodos mountains. But I will leave these stories for a future post.

And on my next visit to the divided island, I plan to give my undivided attention to the other half of Cyprus:

the Turkish north!