Why I Love Victoria’s Secret store in London?

Love Victoria's Secret

If you Love Victoria’s Secret Store on New Bond Street London, share your picture with me below this article.

Victoria’s Secret New Bond Street was number one on my Shopping list when in London

I paid it a short visit again last month and sneaked some photos for you.

I always been a huge fan of Victoria’s Secret as the fashion shows are pretty amazing, and the models…are not human. So, for this reason, I always been very keen into discovering this store which in US is a fashion icon. I have to say that is also a great marketing strategy example. I was so happy to find the stunning huge store on New Bond Street in London, even though I have visited before Victoria’s Secret stores from Dubai Mall, Amsterdam Airport and Playa del Carmen Mexico. This four floored building on New Bond Street London is everything you think Victoria’s Secret stands for.

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The US lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret opened its first UK store, and its flagship European store, on London’s Bond Street in 2012. The store, located in Mayfair, on the corner of New Bond Street and Brook Street, rubs shoulders with the top designer boutiques. It has the best location on one of London‘s most exclusive shopping streets and offers three floors and 16,000 sq ft of underwear.

Needless to say the store it’s a success!

It’s so evident by the crowd of guys patiently waiting outside and their signature pink bags dotting the nearby streets. The American lingerie giant, as famous for its cast of formidable models, has spared no expense on its UK flagship store. Can you believe this? The brand has been waiting 11 years for the lease to come up on the building, formally the Pringle store. But the wait was so worth it. The corner space with its double window selling space at a whopping 40,386 square foot. If you are looking for anything lingerie then this is the store to head to in London. Open until 9pm every weeknight, the choice on offer is overwhelming, as is the decoration. I really love Victoria’s Secret Store in London!

As you enter Victoria’s Secret you will feel the wave of frothy fruity perfumes.  A wall of 15 fragrances, including the latest limited-edition scent ‘London‘, created in the store’s honor, welcome shoppers into the glitzy emporium. To the right and left are rooms upon rooms of gorgeous lingerie including my favorite the ‘Bombshell Collection’. Everywhere you look there is something frilly or sparkly to see. It feels like a cocoon of girliness with dark-toned furnishings and flattering low lighting.

But what really impressed me is the grandness: it’s absolutely huge! The window display some outfits from the various fashion shows, with a little picture and a description on the side on each of them. That is cool and for sure will stop you in your tracks. It kind of make you feel closer to the models.

Straight after you get in, what you can see is a fabulous mirrored staircase made of crystals, spanning across the three floors. Then you will be amazed by the biggest crystal chandeliers ever and the largest flat screen TV which displays Victoria’s Secret shows. Which just get’s you so in the mood for purchasing anything. The interior consists of  black glass covering. The extra luxurious pink fitting rooms each accompanied with a toilet, sofa, plush carpet and luxurious wallpaper will make you feel like an Angel into her boudoir.

Those who have a fear of hot pink, mirrors and dark spaces should stay away from the top end Victoria’s Secret store on New Bond Street.

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Why I Love Victoria’s Secret store in London?

Because the different levels are literally full of underwear, accessories such as bags, body lotions, perfumes, make up and so on. The first floor up is even more pink and frillywith gorgeous Victoria’s Secret catwalk costumes on display. The only thing that I wasn’t really happy about was the lingerie, which seemed fairly cheap looking and overpriced. I mean, the sort of lingerie you would find at Primark. For example, a complete set of bra and slips would have cost 50/60 pounds and still with a low quality.

Inspiring women to feel sexy and confident is a big party of what Victoria’s Secret does!

The Victoria’s Secret UK flagship store offers all of their best-selling collections, from Body by Victoria to the younger PINK line. There’s also a special selection of products exclusive to London, like the adorable “Angels have landed in London” knickers. Plus a whole space devoted to their makeup, beauty products and fragrances.

Neon lace, memory padding, sequin-embellished, one-size-fits-all thongs are all here for the taking. Let’s not forget the extensive lounge wear on offer. Younger girls will be immediately taken by ‘Pink’, the “youthful, collegiate-inspired” collection which dominates the basement.

What sets this store apart from your typical mall location is the VIP fitting room and lounge area. Here the guests can relax in a more private setting and work with a personal shopper. This is my favorite area because it’s so nice and quiet with fresh flowers, coffee table books and, no doubt champagne on request. To make the store feel a bit more like a home, pictures of the Victoria’s Secret Angels are displayed, here, like family photos. The photos show the happy and confident side of these women than the seductive pouty faces you might expect.

There is no excuse for you not owning the hottest variety of lingerie out there. If you don’t purchase a thing just come into the Victoria’s Secret store in London and embrace the amazing interior.

It’s a great way to update your bedroom fashion!



A wave of Pink , fierce femininity and sparkle and fun is upon us at Victoria’s Secret Store in London!

I’ll be definitely visiting again soon for another dose of girly delight. And for the uninitiated and the longtime fans:  this year Victoria’s Secret Fashion show it will be on Tuesday, Dec 9th, in London.

If you are hoping to pop along to the fashion show this year, you must know that you won’t get a ticket for less than $16,000, if your name is not Kanye, Kim K or Beyonce. OMG! We can understand why tickets for the show are in high demand. This year the lingerie giant decided to double down on the challenge by creating two Fantasy Bras to be worn by two of its veteran Angels – Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima. Both stars are no strangers to the concept of hitting the runway in a bra that requires its own security. This year, each lingerie set contains 16,000 perfect gems and is accompanied by 18-karat-gold-strung jeweled body pieces. It took more than 1,380 hours to create them. The Fantasy Bras are valued at 2 million dollars a piece.

“It’s important to note that this is one of the most exclusive social events of the year as it attracts celebrities and VIP guests from all around the world,” the company states.

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show has become the Super Bowl of all Fashion shows since it started 18 years ago. While the budget for the first show in 1995 was reported to be just $120,000, it is now 100 times that at $12 million this year. Even if it cost more, that’s paltry compared to Victoria’s Secret approximately $6.6 billion in annual sales last year. That may be the reason of 6 of the 10 highest paid models in 2013, according to Forbes, work for Victoria’s Secret.

Anyway, I can’t wait for this year’s show.

I will be posting up more about the Victoria’s Secret show soon. Who else will be modelling and who will be performing on 9th of December?

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Lexington Armory, New York, America - 07 Nov 2012Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Lexington Armory, New York, America - 07 Nov 2012