Why All women love high heels?

women love high heels

Why do you think All Women Love High Heels?

For All the women who love High Heels, it was created the National Women’s Day #onHeels on 14th of September. Let’s celebrate together and encourage femininity and remind women around the world what wonderful invention are heels.

 “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot!” also famously, said Marilyn Monroe.

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This varies so much from woman to woman. For me It’s very clear. A good pair of high heels makes me Look so HOT! It just gives me Power and Confidence. For example, when giving a presentation in front of many people, a tad bit more confidence is your best friend. Heels definitely do that for me. Or going out to a club or event with a bunch of new people. Definitely need those heels!

Surprisingly, high heels originated from a place of female power and an absolute monarchy.

The first documented use of high heels was by Queen Elizabeth I, who was quoted saying: “I know I have but the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart of a king, and of a king of England, too.” That was her way of showing that her body didn’t stop her from being powerful, which commanded trust and respect from the men who fought and served under her. Men adopted the heel in the late 1600s, as male clothing for the upper class. King Louis XIV of France is best known for his expensively dyed red heels, who were again a symbol of power. But even though heels meant stature and privilege, they were a pain to walk in. Not exactly the most practical fashion choice for anyone who wanted to go out into the world. So men stopped wearing heels around 80’s due to the fact that they were rational creatures who needed to stand and talk about philosophy and politics without falling on their faces.  

The thing about high heels is, they have always been about power and privilege.

Even when they were co-opted by pornography in the 1850s and co-opted again by Hollywood in the 1900s, they were always about power. From Elizabeth I to women of the ’70s who wore heels to masculinize their dresses, nowadays everybody wear heels to emphasize their femininity. And actually, this idea comes from one of our most popular fairy tales: Cinderella.

Heels today symbolize feminine sexuality and power.

Or, power through sexuality.

I just love that magic moment when just a click of a button can “capture” the wind…Like that day when the wind was at the end my best accessory…

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SO, why women want to wear heels today?

Because in a visual-centric culture such as ours, (see: selfie sticks), where femininity is so discussed, photoshopped and put on display, we just seek any ways to do it, even if it means pain and uncomfort. Because, these days, the currency of the body is so strong and the more you accentuate it, the more others will be attracted to it.

Did you know that scientists found that men prefers women on heels because they are a “supernormal stimulus”. High heels are like an exaggeration of a normal feature that is biologically beneficial, making it more attractive.

Celebrities, politicians, CEOs, and the cast of Sex and the City make it very clear that powerful women love high heels. The Cannes film festival recently turned several women away for not wearing heels on the red carpet.

 So…Our power is not in our economic policy or our creative influence!

It’s in our secondary sex features. The more attractive we are, the easier it is to gain opportunities in this culture! Commanding attention is a like a hit of dopamine. If you don’t believe me, then I challenge you to count how many times a day you check your Facebook notifications after you post an attractive photo of yourself. It’s science, I tell you!

We could take them off but there’s something so seductive about the power of performing attractiveness!

And I think that nobody will ever truly give up on High Heels!

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I never felt more powerful and in control than when I wore heels.

Even if sometimes they were a real torture, destroying my feet and knees didn’t stop me from adopting the practice of wearing heels every day in college or work. Bucharest is responsible for eating away at the pumps I refused to take off, even while fighting through crowds at the tube stations. I still continue to love high heels, even when they’ve been proven to cause structural damage to my body.

Because High Heels Can Make an Outfit! Because they can add that feminine touch we all need!

There’s just something about walking down the street in a pair of heels that’s more glamorous than the pain you may feel a couple hours later. High Heels are a combination of nature and nurture. And I know that I’m doing it with the awareness of the history, culture, and implications of the act. But it’s a personal choice!

Ladies, How about you? Why do you Love High Heels?

I really want to hear your opinion about them…You can answer me with a comment below this article. I think it’s a question that each woman needs to answer for herself.

Let’s celebrate together High Heels on 14th of September!


Photo Credit: Cornel Petrus Photography 

   Make-Up: Camelia Nastu