White on Flared Skirt


Flared skirts are just perfect during summertime. You definitely need one in your wardrobe soon! A flared skirt can be somewhat challenging to dress down if you’re wearing it during the day. It’s imperative to say, that ALL skirts this season, look HOT with crop tops or bustiers. And the classic shirt/blouse remains a cool choice. As does the sweatshirt or mini sweater. 

But today I choose to stick to one easy piece that can go from day-to-night with a flared skirt. For a special look I put on the white Waistcoat.


Hello there! I know, I know.. I went missing for a couple of days! I’ve been bummed and I haven’t been able to update the website but it was a crazy week for me and it’s not finished! I had to work on some new projects for Scarlett Magazine, design new articles, new meetings and events and get ready for my next photo shooting! Whew! So excited!

Getting dressed is something we all have to do each morning, so we might as well have as much fun as possible and put as much of ourselves as we can into the process! Realising your personal style is a great tool that allows you to express your mood. I have a lot of friends and family that think loving fashion means allowing your clothes to be dictated by designers and magazine editors, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Loving fashion means loving to express yourself and having fun with the creativity that designers offer up each season. I learned it yesterday at the Digital Divas 2014 Conference where I heard so many interesting things from the speakers.

In short, you must know that this website is my love letter to fashion…

So how would you dress up without really dressing up your favourite vintage tee?

A jacket or waistcoat over a flared skirt always gets me out of a little “what should I wear?” crisis. Nothing major, but it always does the trick. Here it is! An outfit I put on 1 minute before taking the pictures. Can’t decide if I like it or not… so that’s why I had it in my computer for some weeks. But I do love these photos, so what the hell! I really love the skirt, it’s very cute so here it is. The waistcoat I find it sexy without being revealing or trying too hard. It’s a staple piece that is so versatile, you wish you could wear it every single day. To be honest this photo shooting was the time when I felt the most beautiful woman after a long time.

Oh God, need to stop talking. Time to get away for some sleep!

Kisses! Have a happy Thursday!

| Flared Skirt: Zara | Waistcoat: Zara | High-heeled sandals : Zara | Bracelets: H&M | Handbag: H&M |