What to do in AMSTERDAM


My favorite thing about Amsterdam is that you can walk all day long by their beautiful canals and never get bored.

They say that each canal is 3 meter deep: 1 meter mud, 1 meter water and 1 meter bicycles. As they have most amazing cheese and pancakes (all I need to live) I would love to have lunch here on the canal bank. Amsterdam is so much more than they say and my favorite side is the romantic one.

A few days ago I took advantage of Tripsta flight deals and I decided to make me an awesome birthday gift …a mini-holiday to Amsterdam and Brussels that will continue with another trip to London for Fashion Weekend. Oh! I am super excited to spend some days in London again.

It will be my first time in front of a catwalk fashion show.

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Amsterdam is perhaps the most enigmatic city in the world.

It’s a small place with an enormous reputation. Yet despite being recognized as one of the world’s great cities, Holland’s capital of less than a million inhabitants is not like Paris or London. There’s no Big Ben or Eiffel Tower here, but when you are asking visitors why they come, they answer – just for the atmosphere.

There’s plenty of things to do in Amsterdam!

You can visit the fabulous Van Gogh Museumsee Anne Frank’s House and take a boat ride around the historic canals. In the ’60s, Amsterdam was named ‘The Magic Center’ for the special quality of the environment, that enthralls visitors from around the world.

My trip to Amsterdam was all about soaking up the local culture and exploring this incredible charm of the Dutch capital. Here’s my casual, comfy look for the first day of Amsterdam. I don’t usually wear jeans, but I decided to make the most of these ripped comfy ones that are perfect for my pink Nike sneakers. Although the weather was divine and perfect for walking, I couldn’t leave the house without my leather jacket. Accessorized it all with an Alexander McQueen scarf.

I started my day with Amsterdam’s main plaza – Dam Square.

Dam Square is now the largest historic center in the whole country. It is often said that a city’s main square is its heart and soul. Dam Square boasts a colorful and turbulent history. While Amsterdam’s Dam Square may nowadays be renowned mostly for clashes between tourists and pigeons this has not always been the case. Indeed, this tourist hub, complete with UNESCO heritage buildings, trendy cafés, restaurants and boutiques has witnessed all the trials of this now thriving nation. Amsterdam’s main plaza is home to hundreds of historic buildings, including the spectacular Royal Palace, the gothic-inspired New Church and the infinitely famous De Bijenkorf department store. The National Monument in Dam Square, and imposing white stone obelisk, was built in 1956 to commemorate all the fallen victims of the Second World War.

Dam Square is also considered the epicenter of tourist activities in Amsterdam and offers a myriad of shopping, dining and socializing options. Since the 1960s, when it was the hippie headquarters of the city, Dam Square has been an intrinsic meeting place of the city’s youth. It is certainly an enticing destination for anyone wanting a taste of Amsterdam’s effervescence.

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A trip to Amsterdam is all about lounging at a canal-side café, biking among businessmen headed to work, or chilling out in one of the city’s notorious “coffee shops.”

The city’s laid-back people and unmatched urban beauty make it a can’t-miss on any European travel plan. Amsterdam is an old city, with a rich architectural heritage that dates back to Middle Ages. Surrounding the ancient center is a 17th -century masterpiece, with countless bridges spanning gorgeous tree lined canals. It’s been said that Venice could rightfully be called the “Amsterdam of the South.” The entire town is eminently walkable, but it’s even better on a bicycle, the locals’ preferred mode of transportation. As you may or may not know, Amsterdam is one heck of a bike friendly city.

Amsterdam is home to more bicycles than people… really!

There are bikes as far as the eye can see. It’s difficult to walk around Amsterdam without hearing the shrill sound of bicycle bells. Cyclists have the right of way with their extensive networks of special lanes and general dominance in the city! I just wish they’d kick the cars out of the center so being a pedestrian could be a little less painful…One thing that always impresses me is how many people you see on bikes. This trip we saw sons pedaling their mothers along as they clung to the back, people riding on handlebars and parents toting three children at a time. While they still do it better in Asia, the Dutch are certainly to be commended for their dedication to their bicycle culture.

Amsterdam always has something new to offer with every turn of a canal.

You’re in for a surprise if you come to the Nieuwezijde or “new side” of Amsterdam expecting swanky modern buildings and state-of-the art housing. The historic “new side” of Amsterdam has been around since the early fifteenth century, almost as long as the Oudezijde or “old side”.

These two areas together made up the city of Amsterdam at the time.



Amsterdam’ means typically taking photo after photo on bridges over looking canals.

Looking back at these photos makes me think that I was purposely taking as many of the same photo I could get away with…I promise this was not on purpose. But I get so happy in photos I automatically raise my hands. I assume everyone is used to that by now!

Jordaan is one of the most sought-after addresses in Holland.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping and entertainment streets of Amsterdam, a maze of canals and beautiful old houses greets tourists who venture into the Jordaan. The neighborhood has seen many transformations over the years. Today it houses some of Amsterdam’s rich and famous side by side with the young and arty. It offers visitors the sigh of curious houseboats, specialty shops and cafes, art studios, street markets and historical landmarks. The Jordaan is part of the canal district that has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2009.

Heck…even Rembrandt decided to spend his last years here! The once somewhat dodgy hood has blossomed into one of the trendiest areas of Amsterdam. Jordaan is the ideal base for anyone who wants to experience the true essence of the idyllic city. Narrow leafy streets, endless romantic canals, trendy boutiques and hip cafes give Jordaan the most splendid atmosphere. The eclectic mix of locals and his location, near the Central Station and all of the city’s main attractions, will certainly be convenient for staying here.

I came home wanting to replace all the streets in Bucharest with canals and get a wooden boat to cruise around on. Amsterdam canals and architecture are so beautiful and unique that is always a pleasure walking around the city. It’s such a magical place.

Amsterdam has a feeling no other city in Europe has!

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Anyway, how gorgeous is the background in these pictures?

I Wouldn’t mind living in that beautiful little house near the canals in Amsterdam.

A girl can dream right?