Visiting Bucharest Christmas Market

Hope you all had a great start into 2018!

Have you noticed how the older we get, the more we love Christmas? Well, I have, and I do, a late Christmas inspired post. My favorite time in Bucharest is definitely around Christmas. It is so beautiful, especially with the Christmas lights around every corner.

Before Christmas my friend and I decided it would be cool to go to Bucharest Christmas Market just for a wonder and see what they offer. Christmas Markets just give me all the vibes I need and next year I am going to make it my ultimate 2018 goal to visit the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe.


At the market was a variety of stalls full of jewellery, drinks, stocking fillers and of course food stalls. I actually had Bubble Waffle which were not only filling with icecream but had delicious bubbles inside. Yes that thing that has been floating around on Facebook… It looked really good.

I didn’t pick up any Christmas shopping, mostly because I did it all the other day and because I was too busy doing pictures. The stalls were really cute with baubles draped over them and loads of twinkling fairy lights everywhere.


Christmas it’s my favourite time of the year and I can’t wrap my head around the thought that we’ve already reached a new book of 365 days. If you ever wonder how to have stress free around Christmas Holidays, here are my thoughts.

Yes, we are all just humans and we do “love” to stress about everything and anything. I guess that life would be boring without any stress and also stress can sometimes be the best motivator ever. I somehow don’t want to always connect Christmas holidays to images of stress and running around the city chasing all the possible Christmas stands, 101 million things long “to-do” list before 24th.

I truly want to be able to just relax, put aside craziness that inevitably comes at this time of the year and escape the Christmas holidays “mania” by reminding myself that there is life after the holidays and not everything needs to be done, eaten, bought or experienced inside the month of December. I believe that this is also one of the reasons why so many people feel “empty” throughout the whole January, even February.

It would be nice to remember to see Christmas holidays in a different way… To see them as a beautiful time of the year to reflect on everything we already have in our lives, from materialistic things to family and friends. To remember to be happy and thankful for just every little thing because all of those things which we have or people whom we’re surrounded by are our blessings and that somebody maybe has much less than what we do but they’re happy with that little too.

Everything that’s been given to us and all of the people who are part of our daily lives are often taken for granted until they’re not “there”. Usually when something is not there, that’s when we remember how our lives were before we had those things or people.

Happiness is in small things truly… I’ve always been more into giving than into receiving, so before you go run around like crazy thinking that presents or food is what makes Christmas – Christmas… Think again… It’s how big our hearts are and how much love we’ve given to those who matter the most.


Many people will be lonely, discomfortable or sad on Christmas. Some people might not even get any presents, or maybe won’t have any meal either, so if you know of somebody like that, make it your Christmas “mission” to do a small act of kindness by remembering them and offering them something in form of “things” (Christmas cookies, some extra food from your Christmas lunch) and comforting words with a long loving hug.

Hopefully, I wish that you will spend it surrounded by the people whom you love, your family, friends, whoever… I just wish you all to have the smiles on your faces and happiness in your hearts.

Take these two days to just be love, feel love and spread the love. Enjoy everything to the fullest because every moment and every detail are so precious and they’re the best presents you can truly wish for! Lots of small beautiful moments and being present to actually experience them and see how they can be powerful in refuelling you and giving you a whole new boost of energy for the new year that’s about to start! Rest well, eat something delicious, laugh until your belly hurts, talk, sing, dance…

Enjoy your Christmas. 🙂


Anyway, the last thing I really recommend for stress free is visiting a Christmas market especially at night too when all the lights are on.

Have you been to a Christmas market this year??

Merry Christmas everybody!! I can’t believe that the Christmas Eve day is here and tomorrow is the actual Christmas Day! This year flew by in a second for sure, and today we’re already in the middle of the Winter and celebrating my favourite holiday of them all. 🙂