VALENTINES at Brasserie Cotroceni

Valentines Day is just around the corner…OK! It’s great to celebrate passion! But I think it’s important to remind people of your love, every day, not only on the 14th of February…

Let’s just say: Sometimes Valentines Day doesn’t give me the most loving of feelings. It usually has nothing to do with this holiday. But the fact of whether we have Real Love to celebrate on this occasion.

Every year it’s the same old story: all your friends in a relationship get wonderful gifts for Valentines Day and the single gets nothing. You know what? Let’s rebel!

Because let’s face it chicas…Sometimes this day is one of the worst days ever.

And we’ve all got our stories for that.



Anyway Why we need a day to celebrate LOVE?

I am one of those women who rarely make a big fuss about Valentines Day. But when I do, damn, I try harder than some pretty lingerie and an pretty smile. A lot of people though, are not like me. Actually, most of them. On this red passionate day the girls and boys are headless chickens drunk on love running around town shopping the sweetest presents ever to gift themselves later on. It’s so cheesy I tell you! 😆

But what happens when not everything’s going according to the plan and you are single on Valentines Day?

Self-gifting is one of the most rewarding things in the world, even if it’s Valentines Day. I can assure you that Shopping is way cheaper than a shrink. So…Get your credit card ready, because there’s something for everyone. Indulge in a gift, even a small one, because I’m sure it is well deserved.

Last year, when my hubby forgot about Valentines Day, I decided to give myself an attitude adjustment and not wait for anybody to surprise me with a gesture of love. On that day I decided to start a new tradition: Every Valentines from now on I’m having real champagne in a new restaurant and BUY new shoes!  We said it’s a love celebration, right?!!

Well if this Valentines thing will be another solo mission, I’ll make sure I indulge and spoil myself with a little self love.

And I found the perfect place to do it – Brasserie Cotroceni – a quiet and chic restaurant in Bucharest! And so romantic! When you enter this place you will be marked by the sophisticated air that defines passion for a menu that is based on international cuisine. Brasserie Cotroceni is defined by two elements: warm atmosphere and good food for exquisite people!


When it comes to going out for the night then I guess the hotter you look the better right? A super sexy Valentines Day dress will most likely have your date crazy in love.

The most important thing though remains how you feel: fun, comfy & confident. So ditch all the fashion rules and enjoy yourselves. Sometimes all it takes is a smile, hot heels, lipstick or a cool accessory to pull together the best look!

Just remember, Valentines Day – single or hooked up, married or not, is about spending it however the hell you please. With the ones you love, having a blast and drinking champagne!

OR, not doing anything at all if that’s your thing. The only tip I have for you guys is Flowers alert…

If you want to make your Valentines Day date smile, or don’t know what to do on this pressuring day, one word FLOWERS. Get them flowers, the prettier and bigger the bouquet the better.

It’s the most simple and beautiful gesture ever.

I don’t know what I’m going to do on Valentines Day but it might involve a lot of champagne, movies and red underwear from myself to myself. While I’ll order stuff on some of you might have a romantic date or a sushi night at home. You haven’t found the perfect restaurant yet ?

Try Brasserie Cotroceni for a night to remember! “If you want real love, you should also go for real Champagne”.

And now, let’s get started, bring it on, Valentine!

I wish you all a fabulous Valentines Day, packed with love, laughter and great-hearted people around you.


Photography by Stefan Ovidiu

Make up: Andra Preda Make Up

Dress: Ylana Shop

Location: Brasserie Cotroceni