Twenty Beautiful Things

TWENTY BEAUTIFUL THINGS you didn’t know about me are today on my website! 

Well its been about 2 years since the launch of and I figure its a good time to talk more about me and my life…with twenty beautiful things. Even though I always write my articles from experience, I find that I reveal very little about my actual personality on this website.

Every time I meet a new person and talk a little bit they are really amazed about my personality. They are always telling me: “You know, you’re way cooler and nicer in person.”

I’m not really sure what that meant, but upon some reflection: I think, I kind of give the impression of a being a little too watery-inspirational online. I do talk a lot of cheer and happy-goodness online. It’s hard to talk about the things I love and that inspire me without using Words like Awesome, Excellent, Amazing, Phenomenal, etc. But they’re just letters. They don’t capture it, and sometimes, give a false impression of who I am.

There are twenty beautiful things that I have never told you…things that maybe I’m scared to talk about…or I forget how important they were for shaping the story of the person behind this website.

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Here’s a chance to get to know me a little bit better.

  1. Maybe you all wonder why I put the name of my website Shopaholica… is the feminine of Shopaholic, that means Addicted to Shopping! Many people don’t even understand what this word means and I can’t believe it! We are in 2016! Anyway you must know that I’m a real Shopaholic and my house is full of clothes! Because I love shopping or I used to love it…until I decided to open this website!
  2. I can’t swim and whistle to save my life. Many have tried and failed to teach me this skill! Think you could be the one to change my fate?! I dare you to try during my next beach holiday!
  3. When I was in elementary and high school I was a nerd 🙄 ! Oh yes! Between first and eighth grade I was “premianta”! I was admitted at Virgil Madgearu Economic College (one of the best in Bucharest) and after at Faculty of Management, Academy of Economic Studies. I also have a master degree in Human Resources.
  4. I’ve started working in Banking when I was 21 years old and Im still doing it.
  5. One of my biggest talents is painting. When I were in school my teacher advised me to attend Gh.Tonitza College but I didn’t because I also had a love affair with mathematics.
  6. At the age of 22 I’ve started gaining weight until 70 kilos. It was like crazy! I don’t want to remember that part of my life. And even now I can’t say no to anything sweet. And I have to admit that I love to EAT. For me is my greatest pleasure in life. I have discovered this, after I stayed with a Chef for 6 years and experienced many Michelin star restaurants.
  7. What do you think about the fact that I wore braces at 28 years old. Then I lost weight because I couldn’t eat at all and I was like 50 kilos at 1,70 height. I didn’t like it either! My friends were asking me all the time if I was ill.
  8. I used to be painfully shy. I cover up any shyness by over-enthusiastically talking until I’ve convinced my self-conscious side that I really am THAT outgoing. And you know what? It totally works. twenty beautiful things about alina 4 - www.alinavlad.comtwenty beautiful things about alina 5 - www.alinavlad.comtwenty beautiful things about alina 1 -


10. My brother is my best friend and the person who advises me and give me his support in everything. I can’t imagine my life without him.

11. I love coffee and Rose wine, but didn’t start drinking either one until I was 21 and had my first job. Yes, you read that right. I didn’t drink coffee or alcohol for almost my entire college career.

12. I was in love with Enrique Iglesias until 18 when I met my first boyfriend who looked exactly like him. Can you imagine this? 😆 He has even that mole on his cheek.

13. I could probably eat Chocolate ice cream everyday!

14. I was addicted to reading until 20…I think I have read like 100 books and I hope there will be more. I love figuring things out. I read books because I have a hundred questions I want answered. It’s exhausting. And exhilarating. I love explaining how things work, and if I don’t know, I like asking questions and finding people who do know and can teach me. Now I’m feeling sorry that I don’t have time to read anymore, maybe just online magazines or blogs.

15. Most of the people around me don’t understand what I do online – and don’t get Twitter, Instagram, Blogging, or the potential of the interconnected webs we weave. I try desperately to explain. I love what I do, and I am fascinated by the intersections between the physical world and the architecture of our digital spaces. And how they both collide to create spontaneity, surprise and unexplained phenomena.

16. I love being prepared. I always carry a big bag with me and in it, I have (almost) anything a woman needs. My car is filled with a million regular to extraordinary things, usually including like 3 or 4 outfits and a lot of shoes so I could change for any occasion that occurs.

17. I’m not really someone who collects things, but I will admit I have an impressive collection of fashion magazines, starting with Beau Monde (did you know it was my first love and I have the entire collection?) and finishing with Elle magazine. I’m also obsessed with sunnies and dresses.

18. I love kids and I hope to have one as fast as I can! I am also the Godmother to one beautiful girl, Sara Maria.

19. For me the perfect man is DAVID GANDY and I hope I will meet him one day and give him a kiss! 😎

20. I love to travel and I have a Big Travel Bucket List which I want to achieve. Mexico, Italy, France and Dubai are at the top of my favourite travel destinations. To me, each of these countries holds a certain mysterious, exotic appeal, each with a unique cultural flavour – food, customs, art, architecture, and landscape are all huge draws for these destinations.

So if you need any travel recommendations about these places, you know who to ask.

And the last one… I am in love with living.

My fear of dying is tempered only by my absolute joy in living, being present, and experiencing the world. It comes across as cheesy sometimes, but I believe in life and living and being, and I’m happy doing just that. When I die, I want them to write on my epitaph, “She loved living.” Even if Life gets though sometimes, it’s because of the tough stuff that you get to the good stuff, and it’s worth it.

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So here you have it! Twenty beautiful things you didn’t know about me!

Now it’s your turn. Tell me in the comments below what are the things people don’t know about YOU?
Your twenty beautiful things?