Timeless jumpsuit for Paris Fashion Week

timeless jumpsuit

Give a girl a timeless jumpsuit and she can conquer the world!

She can even ride a motorcycle!

Every girl needs a timeless jumpsuit in her arsenal and this purple one from Marie Ollie is about as hot as it gets. If you’re not much of a dress girl, or just want a break from the mini one, jumpsuits happen to be a great alternative this season. Yes, it’s a daring piece, but it’s one that packs a big sophistication!

Wearing one is guaranteed to keep all eyes on you, while also keeping you feel so comfortable. I think it was ideal for Paris Collections Fashion show and cocktail party, held by Oxford Fashion Studios at Les Salons Hoche during PFW. So, today is the day when I can finally show you the timeless jumpsuit I wore at Paris Fashion Week. Wonderful scenery – that’s everything which comes to my mind when I’m looking back now.

I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures as much as I did!


The timeless jumpsuit that changed everything!

This would probably be my headline of the month when it comes to fashion. Its shape is undeniably sexy, but thanks to the flawless material, the overall effect isn’t scandalous! Especially when paired with ladylike accessories. Feeling beautiful and comfortable under your clothing will make you feel so irresistible.

Marie Ollie jumpsuits have a highly sophisticated air. I can’t describe you in words the impact that had this jumpsuit over any crowd on the Parisian streets. But if it’s not, don’t worry for her elegance!

This purple strapless jumpsuit is like nothing I’ve worn before!

It’s a timeless Marie Ollie piece that every woman needs in her arsenal! Ever since I wear it at Paris Fashion Week I realized that it can instantly add so much more glamor and femininity to any look without even trying too hard.

If you ask me, the jumpsuit is clearly a MUST this season and that’s why I love it. The trend had a major moment in the ’70s, faded, came back in the late 2000s, and has been spotted on celebrities ever since. It would seem, though, that starting this year it has had a major resurgence on the red carpet. Style them with a blazer or with a little jacket. They are totally feminine and sophisticated, you just have to choose the right cuts and styling. And you can find the perfect one only at Marie Ollie showroom!

Let’s face it, ladies, in a world in which women lost their femininity sometimes, Marie Ollie designs focus on elegance and delicacy with a fine, romantic and fluid line. Marie Ollie woman is sophisticated, with personality and style independence. She is always so chic and glamorous and attracts the eye with smiles and a strong attitude. A beautiful woman knows her power and is sure of all she has to offer, is sure on her femininity, on her delicacy and elegant silhouette. Physical beauty is not necessarily coordinated, she lives in what can not be seen with the naked eye, but rather felt.

Even though the outside is important, we also need to take care of the inside.

And if you Need a Wonder Woman accessory to go with?

I may suggest a beautiful Swarovski bracelet from Guess Optic collection and these amazing Lola and Grace Square Solitaire earrings. You can find them both on bbcollection.ro at affordable prices!…Wonder women of the world unite!

In the end, Attitude is everything!


On Saturday 3rd October, Oxford Fashion Studio presented collections from 18 extraordinary and emerging designers at prestigious Les Salons Hoche during Paris Fashion Week, in a mesmerizing atmosphere. The collection that impressed me the most and was well received by the fashion critiques attending the show was Hellavagirl Couture collection. The “Diary of a Lost Girl” collection was selected to close the Couture Show at Oxford Fashion Studios’ Paris Collections.

Helen Woollams is an Award Winning Designer who has over 15 years experience, graduating from the London College of Fashion, with a highly accredited final collection. Helen launched Hellavagirl in 2011 and continues to produce three collections a year under the label as well as continuing to work as a freelance designer. Her collections have been featured in many publications including Vogue and she has showcased at London Fashion Week 2015 and Oxford Fashion Week 2014 and 2015.

Helen has no rules in her creative process. More often than not she cuts straight into cloth and shapes and creations are born and developed organically, then developed backward from garment to pattern and back to create the final masterpiece.

Helen is inspired by history, a look, a story, a dream…the list is endless.

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 So…Will you take me for a ride in a timeless jumpsuit?