The truth about Fashion Week

So…now that Fashion Month started at New York, it’s time to tell you guys the truth about Fashion Week.

As glamorous as Fashion Week is, there is a side that a lot of people don’t know about, or even talk about!

Like the difficulty of running around the town from show to show with three or four outfit changes (in heels). Like a little to no time to eat, rushing to catch a cab to make it on time. But I know that I have another half an hour because the shows never actually start on time. And always making sure your hair and outfit are perfect for photographers…then rinse and repeat it every day for 7 days.

Even though Fashion Week can be really fun and exciting, it can also be really exhausting!


How can you always look so posh and stylish during Fashion Week? How long does it take?

Being surrounded by make-up artists and hair-stylists all the time, I was fortunate to learn how to arrange myself. Now I master applying makeup in 10 minutes. I also developed special skills to change my outfits in the car, more times a day. I hit the proficiency level in being ready in 5-10 minutes under any conditions.

I feel ready even to write a book about it. I know lots of women need it!

So…the secret of living and surviving Fashion Week is to Keep Calm and Drink Coffee.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the qualities of an organised person, although I admire everyone that can stick to a plan. During Fashion Week, my schedule is really crazy. There are 5-10 fashion shows and presentations every day. Usually, I change three times a day and I ran from one location to another.

Getting around town is a major challenge during Fashion Week
A million shows a day at different locations around the city + Uber surcharges? If there’s a drop of rain you may as well just give up.

I only have time to rest on the seat during the fashion show. Sometimes, I’m so lucky and I end up with seat even if I had a standing option. Because a lot of people skip out on shows, especially if they’re seated farther back, those who have been restricted to the standing section have a good chance of getting a seat after all.

After I arrive at my hotel, I have to write about them on my website or transmit news on my Facebook & Instagram. Basically, I only get to sleep 3-4 hours per night. Of course, I thank God every day that coffee was invented. Tons of cups will do the trick!

This is actually what mornings actually look like. Trying to wake up while eating breakfast (if I have time)! Speaking of breakfast it’s 100 percent THE most important part of the day, but especially during fashion week. We spend a lot of time just running around with a crazy schedule and don’t even have a minute to eat until around 7 pm.

When you feel you need to relax and recharge you must take a break and look in the mirror. When I finally figure out that the reason why I look bad is actually my face, I know it’s time to just stop. And sleep! I find it nowadays that sleeping is the supreme luxury!

Anyway, I wanted to show you more pictures with the amazing yellow look I wore to the Dolce & Gabbana SS17 show because it deserves its own post. It’s not really a dress. It’s a see-through handmade blouse with a skirt designed by Stefania Borodi Romanian Designer. It was the most photographed look I wore in Milan.

Even though Yellow it doesn’t sound so tempting for everyone, you must know that this striking NEW trend will banish your day! Let in the sunshine this season! From sunshine to canary, bold and bright yellow shades are anything but mellow!

This Is THE Colour to Be Wearing Right Now and it provides more nowness than anything.

If you aren’t convinced yet, look to the perfectly assembled outfit below…

and then keep going to see some of the hottest mustard picks on the shopping planet.

Although I wore flats most of the time last season, there were a few times when I had to wear the heels…Even if most of the time I went for wearing the comfortable black leather sandals I have in my wardrobe. But whether I wear flats or heels, I’ve realised that if you’re on your feet all day, you’re bound to get blisters. I got so many blisters in September during Milan Fashion Week.

But I didn’t want to show them to you! I was in so much pain until I put my Compeed patches. They relieve my pain instantly but they healed completely after many days. I highly recommend these to anyone that gets blisters easily or has to be on their feet a lot during Fashion Weeks.

So…the most important rule during fashion weeks is to focus on wearing comfortable shoes. Or to have your own driver waiting after each and every fashion show!  😆

Because Going to shows is more about being seen than actually seeing the clothes.
The fact is, you can probably see the clothes better online anyway after the show! There are weeks of previews where editors go into the designers’ showrooms and look at all the pieces from the collection up close, after fashion weeks. At this point, attending shows is more about having your picture taken, networking with other industry people, and having something to post on social media.

I was lucky that the weather was still good for wearing slippers in September.

Especially in Milan where a lot of the roads are cobblestone. I could have worn my Adidas sneakers to walk around, but I didn’t really want to, and the next option was a pair of velvet boots. They were comfortable but it was too warm for them. But the killer ones were the green shoes.

They really made me walk barefoot to our apartment. Not glamorous at all!

I still love and appreciate everything Fashion Week represents. It’s an amazing opportunity to see the work and art that many of these designers have spent countless hours creating. And I’ll always have love for Milan Fashion Week. The truth about Fashion Week is that braving the tents has taught me so much about myself and about what it takes to succeed.

And while I LOVE the opportunities that blogging have offered me, our worth and importance as Influencers is now determined strictly by the number of social media impressions we can give a designer’s hashtag. The truth about Fashion Week it’s about the numbers.

Fashion Week taught me to be comfortable with rejection and comfortable with hearing the word “no” over and over again. I’ve learned not to take things personally when people are incredibly rude to me when they don’t even know me. And above all, I’ve learned my worth and what I will not accept or tolerate. And those life lessons learned only twice a year in February and September, are priceless.

Now, I’m still on a high from all the excitement because I’m preparing for Milan Fashion Week!

Because the truth about Fashion Week it’s about seeing and being seen!

Stay tuned for more on my Youtube Channel and Instagram!

Thank you all so much for reading every day and your constant support!

Outfit: Stefania Borodi