I think there isn’t a clothing item as classic and timeless as a Trench Coat.

It was invented in the first World War but is claimed by both Burberry and Aquascutum! Did you know that? Aquascutum was the first that used designs, which in 1850 formed the basis for the Trench Coat. But the fabric of Trench Coats, a tightly woven, water-repellent cloth – the Garbardine, was invented in 1901 by Burberry.

Many people may be surprised about where it comes from, but for centuries Military influenced Fashion. Today it adorns the shoulders of supermodels and celebrities and it’s one of the top 10 items everyone should have in their Wardrobe.



I love this look!

First of all, because I’m a huge fan of light timeless Trench Coats, the perfect pieces for Spring. I have bought it one month ago and I love it even more now. Oh, and let’s talk about these sandals for a second, right? I bought them on February from River Island London and I’m so happy that I own them. They are simply gorgeous! My favorite sandals for this summer!

I think you have already noticed that I’m in love with the new spring/summer collection from Zara. I bought around 20 items from it in the last two month. But the latest four are the best ones yet.

Like this amazing Trench Coat? Today, I just want to show you how to wear it.



Beige, black, fitted, loose, over time the Trench Coat has remained a staple. With the changing of weather from warm, windy to rainy and sunshine, all in one day, we are left with a single fashion question:

What To Wear and look good?

The Trench Coat.

Is the best fashion invention and mixture of trendy and comfy that will forever be our go-to transition coat. The best part about it is that you don’t need to go break the bank for a Burberry one if you don’t want to!

The classic beige, belted, knee-length Trench Coat will always be IN. There’s no wrong style rules when it comes to picking one. The truth is that it pulls together any style and goes with any outfit. Wearing a classic nude one with a pair of ballet pumps you will be looking like Audrey Hepburn. And, of course, no look will ever top a classic beige Trench Coat, knee length, styled up with classic pumps. I’ve always thought of being the ultimate polished style outfit. With the Trench Coat everything is So simple and forever in!

 Because there are so many styles these days the question is:

What Style Trench Coat Should You Buy?

If you’ve already got a classic one, then just go for a more statement piece: leather, lace, colored, shorter, flared, printed. The best one is the Trench Coat around the knees. The shorter ones tend to shorten. Anyway, if you want to buy your first Trench Coat, I think a classic one in beige or black is the best choice.

trench coat 3 -

 | Trench Coat: Zara| Leather Sandals: River Island| Hat: Primark|