The miracle fountains of Burj Khalifa

Dubai still remains one of my favourite destinations I’ve ever been on.

A place with beautiful beaches, plenty of luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, and delicious food! I spent 7 days in Dubai this year and like in 2012 when I was for the first time, truly did not want to leave. I don’t know why I like Dubai so much…maybe because my best friend is there and I miss spending time with her or because of all these luxurious places and buildings and shopping areas.

Like you know already I decided to go there exactly for Easter at the beginning of April when the weather is always perfect. Low 22 degrees at night and high 35 during peak hours of the day. I love warm weather so it was exactly what I needed after surviving the cold Romanian winter.

I picked Dubai as my destination because it’s one of the most reliably sunny destinations around the world at that time of year and not too far away from home. I certainly didn’t fancy flying for long hours and I was also looking for luxury and have fun with my friends. Plus there is another thing that other destinations didn’t have – a trendy city life, a strikingly modern cosmopolitan appeal, amazing shopping and sophisticated nightlife!

If you can create something big, Dubai can make something bigger. If your creation is spectacular, Dubai will surely make something even more spectacular. It really is the place to be if you have a passion for all things great. If luxury and opulence rock your boat, then I can assure you, you need look no further than Dubai.


Let’s talk a little bit about the Dress Code because I got so many questions about this on Instagram @Alinavlad28.

Nothing it is now like it was 6 years ago, when everybody was starring at me because I was wearing denim shorts inside the Mall. 😆 When I was first packing for Dubai in 2012, I didn’t really know what to take because my friend told me I’m not allowed to wear mini skirts/dresses or anything transparent.

If you plan to visit UAE, you should read something about their culture and try to wear appropriate respectful outfits when you are in public places.

In 2012 I have seen women wearing sexy dresses only inside clubs or restaurants and they weren’t locals. Now, after spending 7 days in Dubai I can confidently say that everyone I encountered was very open and welcoming to different styles and I felt more comfortable than in the past. I even saw local girls and women wearing sexy outfits and not caring about their Abaya.

Nonetheless, it’s still very important to respect the laws and standards of the country you’re visiting. Avoid showing too much skin like your midriff, cleavage, and mini skirts or dresses in public places where you can meet many Dubai locals. Otherwise you’re good!


Now let’s go back to the Things you have to visit when in DUBAI

I have a short list with the most impressive and visited attractions from this modern Arab paradise that you shouldn’t miss!

Now, you probably already know that Dubai is home to Burj Khalifa, still the world’s tallest building, stretching nearly one kilometer into the desert sky. I have already told you in my last article about Emirate’s most striking wonder, standing at 160 stories. It also has the world’s highest outdoor observation deck, which means the views are totally Instagram worthy! This architectural masterpiece is located in an upscale development called Downtown Dubai, and it’s accompanied by thousands of houses; residential towers; parkland and a vast man-made lake.

It’s also home to a glittering shopping mall and of course, the incredible Dubai Fountain. As with many things in Dubai, Dubai Fountain is also a record breaker, being the world’s largest “choreographed” fountain system, set on the 30-acre manmade Lake, at the center of the Downtown Dubai development.


Dubai Fountains – The World’s Most Famous Musical Fountain Display

Is my favorite place to indulge when in Dubai.

At the foot of the Burj Khalifa, you can see this wonder, comparable in uniqueness with the tower. A captivating water, music and light spectacle, The Dubai Fountain is the world’s tallest performing fountain.

At over 900 ft in length – equivalent to over two football pitches – The Dubai Fountain is situated on the 30-acre Burj Lake and performs to a selection of different melodies. The fountain has a unique design comprising five circles of varying sizes and two arcs, and features powerful water nozzles that shoot water up to impressive heights. In addition, the fountain is not just beats up, but could make out intricate shapes, moving to the beat of the music played. Over 6,600 WET Superlights and 25 colour projectors create a visual spectrum of over 1,000 different water expressions, while 50 colour projectors provide a full spectrum of colour with a total output of 1.5 million lumens. The fountain performs to a range of different songs from classical to contemporary Arabic and world music.

When operational, the fountain has over 22,000 gallons of water in the air at any given moment.


With 6,600 lights; 25 color projectors, and a variety of music to match, Dubai Fountain is unquestionably the world’s most spectacular choreographed fountain. The most powerful water jets can blast a stream of water nearly 150 meters into the air, and when lights and music are added to the equation, you end up with a display like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

The lighting is so awesome that it can be seen from 20 or more kilometers away. Nonetheless, such a spectacle doesn’t come without a price. Estimates place the value of Dubai Fountain in the region of US$218,000,000.

At any given moment, the fountain can propel up to 83,000 liters of water into the air, so it doesn’t take much to see why it’s become such a landmark attraction. The pressure required to blast such a volume of water as high into the sky as has been mentioned, creates a sort of sonic boom, and this makes the experience so much more memorable.

No matter where you chose to watch this spectacular display from, it’s going to be an amazing experience. If you truly want to get the very best view possible, then do yourself a favor and have a world class dinner at the infamous At.Mosphere on the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa. Not only is it considered to be the “in” place to eat, but at nearly half a kilometer high, it’s also the highest restaurant on the planet. If you don’t like the idea of eating at such giddy heights, then simply opt for one of the Armani Hotel’s eight restaurants.

However, just make sure you choose one which has an unobstructed view of the Dubai Fountain.


Nothing Beats Being Up Close And Personal

Of course, as with any type of show, front row seats are always best. Fortunately, you can book front row seats to see the fountain show as well, and keep in mind, the fountain display stretches roughly 900 feet. To do this, you simply need to purchase a ticket to board a traditional Abra boat. Climb onboard, and then relax as you cruise along the lake. The Dubai Fountain Lake Ride gives you front row seats to the best show in town. Sights, sound, sail!

The Dubai Fountain Lake Ride gives you front row seats to the best show in town. Sights, sound, sail!

The Dubai Fountain Boardwalk

A brand-new floating platform located within The Dubai Fountain, The Boardwalk allows you to get closer than ever, giving you a whole new perspective of the captivating performances. You can start your journey from Burj Park or Fountain promenade and stroll down the 272-metre boardwalk, with the closest point putting you only 9 metres away from the fountain.

Even though I have read that the water shoots so high into the sky, every time I’m watching I’m still amazed at just how high it really is. To put it in perspective, just imagine a fountain that is as tall as a 45 story building.

Whatever you do you need to see the Dubai Fountain in person in order to really appreciate it. As an added bonus, there are many other interesting attractions in very close proximity. If you’re close to the fountain, then you are also within walking distance of the world’s largest shopping mall.


Dubai Mall

As well as the Dubai Aquarium, Dubai Mall is the city’s premier mall and provides entry to the Burj Khalifa.

If you’re looking for more entertainment options, inside it has an Aquarium and an ice-skating rink, a gaming zone and cinema complex. Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world and also the largest of the 47 malls in Dubai. It is like walking down the streets of Paris, New York and London all in one place for the shopping. From Bloomingdales to Debenhams and Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Versace all next to each other. It also has the largest bookshop I have ever seen in my life. You would need at least a day to walk round it and take in the souk and the shoe avenue. Even if you don’t really like shopping, window shopping is definitely a must.

But this year I was really amazed by the newest Apple Store opened in Dubai mall on 27th of April 2017. The 186-foot storefront and balcony offers breathtaking and incredible views of the Burj Khalifa and overlooks the stunning Dubai Fountain. Envisioned as a space for the community to gather, learn and be entertained, Apple Dubai Mall serves as a venue to watch the spectacular evening fountain shows and is hosting Apple’s new global in-store experience, “Today at Apple”.

Apple Dubai Mall is shaded by carbon fiber “Solar Wings,” inspired by the traditional Arabic Mashrabiya. To mitigate Dubai’s climate, it was designed with 37.5-foot-high motorized “Solar Wings” that respond to the ever-changing environmental conditions. When the sun is at its hottest they cool the store, and in the evenings they open to welcome everyone to the public terrace.


Mall of the Emirates

is the second most expansive and lavish shopping destination in the world.

You can find every store imaginable here. Ski Dubai is also located inside the Mall of the Emirates. This massive indoor wonderland is the Middle East’s first indoor ski center. A must see if you want to take a break from the triple digit temperatures outside!

I will write a full article about Shopping in Mall of the Emirates soon!

Jumeirah Beach

One of the best public beaches in Dubai. Located right next to the Burj Al Arab with beautiful views of the Dubai skyscrapers. The beach gets pretty packed throughout the day so I would certainly recommend arriving there early.

P.S. don’t forget plenty of water and sunscreen! 

Palm Jumeirah

Dubai is known for many firsts and this is another one of them. An artificial island made to resemble a palm tree.

On The Palm you can find residences, some of the most luxurious Dubai resorts, delicious dining options like Nobu, and attractions like skydiving. Or get lost in an entire world at the Atlantis Hotel. After experiencing the winter heaven in Ski Dubai, juxtapose this with a visit to one of the world’s most incredible water parks, called Aquaventure. This gigantic water park is a place you absolutely cannot miss. Go down slides, relax by rivers or even face your fears and plummet through shark-filled lagoons.

But if you really want to try the crème de la crème of accommodation in Dubai, you should try the ultra-exclusive Four-Bedroom Duplex Penthouse Apartment at FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel. Having opened its doors just last year, FIVE Palm Jumeirah is one of the Arabian Gulf’s hottest new properties. The hotel stands out from the crowd with its sleek, minimalist styling, whilst still offering all the indulgent luxuries you’d expect from a luxury Dubai holiday.
Perfect for a luxurious getaway – perhaps for a big birthday or anniversary celebration, or just a decadent escape with friends – this Penthouse apartment has to be seen to be believed.


Dubai Marina

Have a fresh start of the day at Dubai Marina, one of the most luxurious promenades in all of Dubai.

A scenic, residential area known for it’s shopping at the Marina Mall, chic outdoor cafes and restaurants, activities like skiing and sky diving, and The Beach at JBR. The Marina has something to offer for everyone so it’s easy to spend a whole day here exploring, tasting different cuisines, and partaking in a “shop till you drop” experience.

You’ll be surrounded by skyscrapers reflected upon the lake, with white yachts dotting the promenade and a wide array of places to have brunch at.


Madinat Jumeirah

a 5 star resort that has three boutique hotels, gorgeous gardens, over 40 restaurants, and 2 km private beach. Madinat Jumeirah is one of the larg

Madinat Jumeirah is one of the largest resorts in the Emirates and a great spot to visit for a scenic lunch or a ride on the water taxi.


Overall, I had a great time in Dubai. I felt very safe at all times and would recommend a visit to this awe-inspiring emirate to any traveller.

It’s a magical destination that will blow you away, where you can find something for everyone.

If you’re looking for relaxation you’ll love the luxurious spas and the serene man-made beaches, if you’re out on a business trip you’ll find state-of-the-art facilities for meetings and working abroad and if you’re after a party holiday, you’ll find all the entertainment you could wish, including a large selection of bars and party venues.

In my opinion Dubai is for all; young, old and everything in between, it has something to wow every traveller.