Summer Essentials – Crop Tops

The trend that everyone is currently loving it, with a huge comeback from the 90’s is CROP TOPS.

In fashion there are no fixed rules except that what goes around usually does come back around. Such is the case of crop tops, which refuse to leave the spotlight this summer. Perhaps that’s a good thing. By the end of this trend more and more women will have toned stomachs! Frankly I have no fucking idea how all these street style fashionistas pull it off! How do they do it?

Back in the 90’s when this trend was huge and I was tiny it was a piece of cake. Wearing something longer than my belly button was a blaspheme. Blizzard cold or sweaty hot I had a flat stomach to show. And I did. But it was against all earthly and physical laws, cause I ate and drank crap, with hardly ever any exercise. When my body aligned itself to the humans’ laws I couldn’t care less, cause crop tops were a thing of the past. Until now! As I keep day dreaming about flat abs, mountains of chocolate and fancy crop tops, I can’t help but wonder:

How in the name of God did they make such a huge comeback?

crop tops-wayfarerstyle1


Did I not have enough of them on the 1’st round? Apparently no. They’re comeback is due to fashion being cyclic, to Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus and all, and last but not least to the whole fitness body culture that’s happening today.

More and more women are taking up sports, lifting weights, doing pilates, staying hours in the gym and eating healthy. I hope we do realize youth is not meant to last a lifetime. But in the hope of prolonging it, we’ve given birth to this svelte ripped body obsession. Before you stand up and applaud this as today’s major movement, think again. It was born in the 80’s. And somewhere between reminiscing on those 90’s that I loved so much and hitting the age which requires a healthy lifestyle here I am, tons of years later, embracing the crop tops trend.

At the end of the day we all need a push for a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve just decided mine are CROP TOPS.

A few weeks ago I took these photos at Aqua del Mar Pool, finding the perfect spot to shoot this outfit. I was in different blue hues when I styled up my outfit! I had so many mixed responses regarding these blue shorts. When I posted them on my Instagram, some of you loved and some of you absolutely despite them! I’m personally a fan of them since they’re different and so comfortable. And my favorite way of wearing them is of course with crop tops that leaves my abs to display. I love the subtle details on my crop top because they add a hint of uniqueness in an otherwise classically boring top! And I think it’s the perfect match for my brimmed hat and white sunglasses!

These pieces are so simple and chic to create a style perf for a summer day in the city. The color choice gives in a bit of a nautical feel too. – See more at:

These pieces are so simple and chic to create a perfect style for a summer day or a boat trip adventure. The color choice gives in a nautical feel too!

I’m a big fan of creating billion of outfits with repeating pieces. All of the pieces I’m wearing today are definitely dare-to-wear worthy.

Remember my style tip – rework what you got!


With summer holidays approaching at a frightening pace, we need to start thinking about that ideal wardrobe to take with us on a sunny getaway. Either it’s a tropical summer trip with friends or a romantic escapade on a cruise, I am glad to share with you this outfit with some of my recent must haves for a summer holiday!

The shopping cravings of the moment perfect for a little boat trip adventure are the ones from the picture below.  For sure you’ll have THE looks to make everyone turn heads and especially that one special person! Of course, you can take it as a good source of inspiration. I already have some items from this list and can’t wait to wear them! But today I’m ready for vacation with these summer essentials :

white backless crop top and BLUE nautical shorts.

On my side, with all the work and many surprises I’m planning for Shopaholica Confessions, I’m quite nervous by the idea of a proper vacation as it means days away from my blog… I’m kind of a workaholic! I love what I do, but my friends and family have all been pushing me to take some days off.

Never thought that day would happen!

I confess that tomorrow, I’m taking a little break and I’m going to Mamaia beach!

crop tops-wayfarerstyle3

| Crop Top : Zara| Sandals : Zara | Shorts : Zara | Hat : H&M | Sunglasses : H&M  |