Straight hair with Liss Brush 3D

Do you want straight hair for Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties? I have the solution…BaByliss Romania made me a big surprise this Christmas and send it to me the new Liss Brush 3D for straight hair.

Can you believe that, despite all the pre-holiday-stress, I found the time to review a new hairstyling gadget? ME NEITHER! But that’s okay, my life is crazy, to be honest. I’m pretty much busy writing, taking pictures and planning out January with new projects and travels.

But for now, it’s all about Christmas and red wine and… cool new hairstyling tools!

The holidays are here and another year is almost over… It’s time to wake up in your fancy pajama, kick back and think about what happened while relaxing on the couch, but above all time to make plans for the future and prepare your New Year’s look!

Bye bye 2016…


So…Let’s start with the hair…and test drive Liss Brush 3D, shall we? We’re starting with me, with freshly washed and blow-dried hair. What do you think?

Can this brush really save us an entire step in our hair styling routine?

Liss Brush 3D is a new hot straightening brush for a soft, glossy, natural look in just 5 minutes. It might be used on clean, dry hair and has three different heat settings: 160°, 180° and 200° Celsius – for fine, damaged hair right up to thick, unruly locks. The temperature allows us to use the brush on any type hair without affecting the structure.

I really like the Liss Brush 3D because is a lot faster and efficiently than the classic straightening tools, due to the rectangular design. 

Both the instructions and the videos show that you don’t need to section off hair and treat individual strands of hair but can brush your hair as you’d do with a regular brush…

The Liss Brush 3D benefits of double ion generators that protect hair, provides shine and effectively prevents the hair electrifying effect. The ceramic heating system allows homogeneous heat distribution for a perfect straightening.
Liss Brush 3D has a unique combination of 126 bristles for a quick, easy straightening which gives hair elasticity and natural shine. The three types of bristles raise the hairs from the root to apply the heat gentle on each strand individually. The plastic 34 mm bristles separate the locks, the silicone one detangle the hair and the ceramic ones of 50 mm give a perfectly lasting straight hair.

…and the last technic detail you need to know is that Babyliss incorporated their Ionic technology in this tool, too… which means that the «super ionic frizz-control» should remove static and give luxurious shine.

According to the instructions, first, plug in the heating brush and select the desired temperature using the temperature selector. As a rule, I recommend you using a lower temperature for fine, bleached and damaged hair and a higher temperature for curly, thick or difficult to style hair. Always use the heating brush on dry hair. Then, take up a section of hair, position the heating brush under the section of hair, near the roots. You should pull your hair taut and then run through your hair with the brush, from scalp to ends. Basically, I’m explaining to you how to brush your hair. The only difference being that you add a bit of tension.

The only difference being that you add a bit of tension.

Always keep the hair taut using one hand and slide the brush from the roots to the tips with the other. Repeat if necessary. Let the hair cool down before combing.


Liss Brush 3D works like a charm on my fine hair, and I straight my hair in about three minutes.

I hope this review helps a bit if you’re looking into purchasing a straightening brush, or maybe even as a last-minute Christmas gift idea?

Men, take note: You are allowed to gift us tools like these.

 The Babyliss Straightening Liss Brush 3D is a pretty smart tool for daily use. Especially for days when you just can’t be bothered with a careful blow-out first, and then straightening the lengths again.

In the end, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and to say Thank you for all the love towards my blog this year.

I can’t wait to see what next year brings. Be sure to leave me links to your blogs below. I absolutely love reading Christmassy posts right now.