How To Stay Warm during winter

How To Stay Warm Without Compensating Your Style This Winter

When it comes to staying warm during winter, I believe I pretty much hit the jackpot with this white sweater. Oversized, warm and snuggly, it allows many layers underneath, which is absolutely necessary since winter in Bucharest is still hitting us with all its strength. We’ve got snow and temperatures constantly below the freezing point. Although it’s pretty, I still miss warmer days.

In this look, I paired it with my favorite gray over knee boots. The look is completed with a black hat and some blue gloves. Plus a warm poncho to cover it all, because layering is the best style trend during winter!

Stay warm and dressing on trends or at least stylish isn’t the easiest task!

Here’s my look which I gave a little sneak peek of on Instagram.

I still struggle a bit every year but spending all winters of my life here in Romania made me find ways to cope with the cold without needing to compensate on style, trends or fun shoes too much. This is probably not news to you, but it can’t be stressed enough.

I always try to balance out my outfits. When I pick a strong color like red, I have the urge to bring it back somewhere else. That’s why I think this look just wouldn’t work without the white cozy sweater.

Lately, I can’t get away from wearing long cozy wrap ponchos as a perfect substitute for a jacket. Feeling warm and cozy on dreary days are key. I recently scooped up this turtleneck dress at Zara and love how it’s a great basic with a twist. I am loving everything Zara has right now and I really need to keep myself out of Zara… always getting into trouble there.

Crazy about this white sweater just like many of you, got over 100 questions about him …Gonna make sure to start wearing hats more often too! Just wish that it wasn’t such a struggle to travel with them. I’m getting so maniac about hats not to get destroyed or to change shape.

Lastly, I absolutely need to talk about my gray boots! I don’t know what it is about them, but they make my legs look super long… (#modelgoals) Plus, I love the heels!


Layering is awesome but sometimes it doesn’t matter how many sweaters you’re wearing. What really makes a difference is what thermal insulating value the clothes have. It’s all about how well a fabric you’ve put on can conserve your own body heat. Natural materials such as wool will keep the heat in place.

Here is my list of styling tips if you want to stay warm & fashionable, no matter how cold it is outside. Did you already check it?

  • Wear two scarves at the same time. Everybody will ask you where you found “such a big lovely scarf” !!
  • Stock up on silk/wool blend stockings and tops for underneath whatever else you’re wearing.
  • Platform shoes keep your toes away from the ground which usually results in less cold feet.
  • Here is my favorite advice: drink tea in the morning before getting dressed. It’s common to feel cold and tired during winter mornings (which usually results in quite boring outfits) …So starting the day with a cup of warm tea definitely, helps!
  • Find yourself some cool hats since (as you may already know) 80% of the body heat leaves via our heads.

Wear a belt! It keeps the winds from sneaking in under your coat!

Are you also obsessed with the layering trend? If yes, what’s your favorite way to style it?