Statement Gladiators

Not quite anything can compare to the feeling of “chic on the beach” or in my case, beside the pool, when wearing gladiators.

After a day of constant heat, once the sun sets the clouds on fire through the horizon, was time to put on my new gladiators, the perfect summer dress and a relax attitude.

Lovely weather. Sunset. A super shiny, bright sun melting on my skin. Fresh cocktails. Good music in the background. A perfect scene of an early summer afternoon when my photographer and I decided to tell our story, by the pool, with a camera, a snake print dress, laughter, chats and the stars of the show: my new matching suede gladiators. Now the dress is a beautiful piece for hot summer days, when you feel like wearing nothing expect a swimming suit. I kept my footwear chic, but streamlined with flat gladiators and wore round sunnies to keep her cool. 

What else can I wish for on a hot Sunday afternoon?



Summer is very different to all the other seasons.

Why? Because it’s the time of the year when you can feel utterly relaxed, inspired, happy, healthy, satisfied… or depressed, unhealthy, unsatisfied, uninspired, tired. To achieve the first mentioned state of mind, it is crucial to identify your body’s reaction to the environment and heat. There are a few convincing ways to do that..

When you have these Symptoms:

– the air is too hot to breathe;

– the brightly shining sun blinds you;

– insomnia has taken over and you feel over exhausted;

– lack of inspiration;

– losing your concentration and organizing skills

If you want to make your summer better

Feel Free to:

– organize a sudden vacation somewhere with a pool or sea to cool down in;

– Just Relax! spend at least a few hours a day not doing anything logical or rational;

– Spritz, Spritz and SPRITZ!

– wear a beautiful dress to fight the heat with your hotness;

– read, listen to your favorite music, eat fruits and drink Fresh Oranges;

– put on your red lipstick and feel strong (plum in my case) …but don’t forget to take it off when you go swimming!

– intelligent conversations with friends and rose wine;

– wear a pair of statement gladiators – arguably the sandals of the summer – or just any other shoes you find attractive.



One of the perks of being a fashion blogger are the inherent crushes you develop on the latest trends in town,

aka gladiators or lace-up shoes

And if it wasn’t for my funny personality and my regarded-as-fun-job-in-fashion my lot of friends would be bored as fuck. 

When I told them:…’I need to get myself a pair of gladiators people. You know those sandals that have lace-ups your legs, just a bit above the ankles, or all the way to the knees, or even above the knees.’ They asked me: Oh… why would you need to buy them? Just buy some rope and tie it around your feet when wearing some sandals and ta-daaa. You don’t get more gladiator than this.’ A.HA.HA.HA.

Gladiator sandals have always been my big crush, so as soon the internet started being spammed with the heeled version of those, I knew I would invest in a statement pair eventually. Luckily, I found the flat version of them this month and I must say I’m extremely happy with my new investment.

Seriously, you don’t have to be shocked anymore Guys. Not with all those borderline BSDM looks and trends. They look great and if your mind is in a kinky place, enjoy them.

If not, please remember they are just a pair of boho chic trendy sandals.

I know it’s raining but…Let’s enjoy the last days of summer!


Photo Credit: Cornel Petrus Photography 

    Make-Up: Camelia Nastu