Spring is all about updating your look and your wardrobe.

And since the trends are so vast, you can easily adapt them to your fabulous personality. There is something in the air that is making us want to walk on alleys full of cherry blossom trees, on empty beaches, something that make us dreaming about holidays, love and summer plans. And this special something is just the Spring magic! And because every new beginning needs some magic dust, it’s a must to sprinkle your wardrobe too and wear florals – the perfect remedy after the gloomy, winter weather.

Longer days, blooming tulips and outdoor dining are just a few of the things I love about spring. But what I’m most excited for is the chance to wear dresses again—without tights!


Nothing but spring, happiness and enthusiasm!

I’ve been dreaming of walking on the streets wearing only white and floral dresses for such a long time and finally the dream came to reality. We can finally say goodbye to heavy jackets and play with spring outfits as much as we want. A sweet bouquet of roses is just the right choice when the spring comes especially when it’s matched with an white waistcoat and Adidas sneakers. This is the best way to make the transition from winter to spring – wearing a cool dress with a combo waistcoat! Loved how white looks on flowers! I also think this is the perfect outfit for a field trip or a spring city-break, when you must wear flats so that you don’t have to worry about your feet being tired from walking.

It feels like I’m representing the sneakers trend here on my blog lately. Sneakers just get hotter and hotter and I love it. Wanted to give this awesome Stan Smith for Adidas shoes an own post! So I was actually so impatient to take pictures with them. I was like some kind of a little kid jumping around. I think they’re the most comfortable & cool sneakers I own for the moment and the perfect everyday shoes. Sneakers besides sandals are my favourites kind of shoes I’m wearing during spring & summer.

Dressing up in the most comfortable way is becoming my lifestyle – and I’m lovin’ it. Staying true to myself is the only thing that’s important for me right now. No more struggling to run on high heels, no longer trembling legs and, ironically, I’m looking so stylish. In addition, my outfits are full of humor. Try to imagine an artsy trench with a pair of Nike Air or a flawlessly male costume with a pair of classics Adidas and an animal print fur on your shoulder (you can see my latest post  It’s all about FUR & ADIDAS.

 I hope I convinced you to put aside high-heels (for now) in favour of some sneakers!

Personally I LOVE sneakers!

| Dress: Zara | Waistcoat: Zara | Sneakers: Stan Smith for Adidas | Handbag: River Island |