Sorrento Italian Dolce Vita

Sorrento holidays are known all over the world because of the relaxing atmosphere and panoramic terraces that look onto the sea. Many people visit the area because there’s something for everyone …

Naples, the ruins, Sorrento, the little posh Capri island …and the breathtaking Amalfi Coast!

No other lovely “pearl” on Earth shelters as much Art, natural beauties, romanticism and tradition as Sorrento. This nice small town is certainly the center of the Gulf of Naples. If you want to experience a laid back vacation that is filled with stunning attractions, then the town of Sorrento in Italy is the place to be!

“The world is your oyster. It’s up to you to find the pearls.”  Chris Gardner, The Pursuit of Happyness

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The description of this romantic land, with its orange and lemon groves, vineyards, walnut and almond trees, could be attractive, but in real life is definitely better. The song “Come back to Sorrento” is still on for me!

Sorrento is one of the most romantic and famous tourist attractions in Italy. The main fascination of this town is the serene brilliance of its landscape, the flowering of its gardens, the mildness of its air. Many prefer the mild restful beauty of Sorrento, especially for a holiday, to the wild and rugged beauty of Capri, and the orgy of color and granite of the coast of Amalfi. The town of Sorrento lies on a stratum of rock of volcanic origin about 50 meters above sea level, and has as its background the green hills of Sant’Agata, Tore, S. Angelo and Colli di Fontanelle, which separate the peninsula into the bays of Naples and Salerno.

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We choose to remember the good times, because in hindsight when things go wrong it either makes for the best stories or builds stronger character, ultimately making every experience a good one. I remembered today that in 2012 exactly at the end of June I spent 4 amazing days on Sorrentine Peninsula, Italy. The Amalfi Coast and Sorrento have been on my list of places to visit for a long time. With its beautiful peninsula, enchanted islands and picture pretty cliff-top towns, it’s one of Italy’s coastal gems. That year I wanted so much to visit Italy during spring season so my boyfriend and I took a plane to Naples, then a bus to Sorrento – an excellent home base for exploring the top travel destinations in Campania, including the Amalfi Coast, the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, Salerno and the island of Capri.

Travel is the initial reason and first love of why I started this blog. I love traveling more than anything in the world and I hope this blog it will led to amazing opportunities being able to have incredible travel experiences in the end even though I love having fun with my personal style tips. Shooting photos, travel tips and stories attribute to a large part of my blog, but there really is no way to truly share experiences unless with your own eyes. Travel it’s my second nature and in the last years I have tried to do it as often as possible.

The first article of my European spring adventure is about the town of Sorrento a hilly resort that comes up with cobblestone streets, colorful flowers and picture-perfect views of Mount Vesuvius and Naples. Sorrento sits above the sea on an imposing hill outcrop with deep gardens. The city is the most famous place on the Sorrentine Peninsula and it’s also renowned destination for an Amalfi Coast wedding. The houses are immersed in luxuriant greenery and surrounded by groves of olives, lemons and orange trees. Sorrento is a tranquil place, to be enjoyed in all seasons for its climate, the perfume of its gardens and the panoramic terraces that look onto the sea. In my opinion it’s an ideal place for an unforgettable wedding and for your honeymoon stay.

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On our first day in town we explored the small charming streets of Sorrento and we stood on the balcony of Bellevue Syrene restaurant and watched the enchanting landscapes over the Gulf of Naples and Vesuvius. The town of Sorrento in southern Italy‘s Campania region has been attracting visitors since ancient times when the Greeks and later the Romans created a settlement on a scenic plateau along a gorgeous coastline just south of Naples. The fine views and ideal setting have made it a popular spot ever since.

For a whole afternoon of strolling in the city I choose to wear a candy pink dress and flat sandals. It was a super hot day and that tiny dress made me feel so comfortable and sexy and I think it was perfect for my vacation in Italy. First of all you must know that I love to wear so much pink in the past… Why? Well…because I’m always attracted by strong girly colors and because I think it fits my tan so good. I wear it now also, but not so often!

After we enjoyed this public garden with beautiful views over the Gulf of Naples and the architecture highlights we took a back alleyway and we discovered the coastal area of Sorrento divided in two villages : Marina Piccola, with the harbor for ferries and hydrofoils, and Marina Grande, with its lidos and beaches.

Marina Piccola is the most central beach of Sorrento, situated a few steps from the historical center and Piazza Tasso and easily reachable from both the port and the center.  For those who wish to reach Marina Piccola with a car, there is paid parking in the near vicinity. It’s recommended that you access the beach from Villa Comunale through the stairs carved into the mountain.  The beach is composed prevalently of volcanic sand and from the shores you may enjoy the splendid panorama of the Gulf of Naples.

But the charming bay – Marina Grande – with a characteristic fishing village won our heart forever. The last part of the town of Sorrento is tucked into it’s own little bay and protected by headlands on either side. Rock walls and pontoons shelter the harbor from the swell of the Mediterranean and provide a protected mooring for a fleet of small fishing boats. Access from the main town of Sorrento is via a winding path that tunnels through the headland. You can also catch the bus. It follows the ridge behind the town then drops and twists to the marina – not a trip for the faint hearted, but then, any bus trip around Sorrento delivers the adrenaline equivalent to a roller coaster ride.

A beach of  black volcanic sand is dotted with colored fishing boats and set against a backdrop of old painted buildings. This part of town is less inhabited by wandering tourists and more the home of fishermen and local villagers. Many of the houses are owned by fishermen and piles of nets floats and ropes fill the alleyways. Most of the Sorrento fleet are still the old, brightly painted wooden boats that have been used for hundreds of years. On the waterfront are a couple of restaurants tempting us with their goods. So we decided to take advantage and taste the local dishes at Trattoria Da Emilia. This was the view from our table where we enjoyed a fantastic lunch of fresh sardines and grilled octopus.

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Like any cliff-top town, Sorrento is also a terrific place to see the sunset. By night the city is stunning and you can wander the small streets and back alleyways enjoying the atmosphere and the sound of Italian famous song – Caruso. Away from the coast, there’s a cathedral and monastery in Sorrento worth visiting and a handful of nice museums and galleries and even some Roman ruins to explore. The point of a vacation to Sorrento, though, is not a jammed cultural travel plan – it’s a relaxing spot to soak in the sun and try out the local liqueur- ‘limoncello’ and the best ‘gelato’– a cliche must-do that is more enjoyable than it sounds. Just take a look at my giant ice-cream!

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When we weren’t admiring the beauty of the town and enjoying the sun from our pool, we took day trips to Capri and Positano. And because Every traveler has a tale to tell!‘ stay tuned for the next posts to discover my seaside stories from Peninsula Sorrentine, Italy.

All up we only spent 4 days on Sorrentine Peninsula. Not a lot of time but enough to experience some true highlights and give you a small taste of what this stunning place has to offer. So, if you want a laid back vacation that is unlike any other, make sure that Sorrento is in your travel plans.

Enjoy La Dolce Vita in Sorrento, have fun and relax!