Smokey eyes

smokey eyes

 One of my favorite makeup looks of all times is the smokey eyes.

No special occasion, event, party or romantic dinner could ever be complete without us ladies glamming up. And of course, my birthday anniversary, on 28th of August, was no exception.
For me is that day and night when I have to look my best and to turn loads of heads when partying with my girls. I think every one of us wants this! I’m not really a makeup guru and I confess I’m not that kind of girl who is wearing makeup every day. The only thing that I’m happy with is my eyelashes who solved me from any problem I have with my makeup. And I want to thank Tabya Eyelashes & Beauty Salon for my perfect eyelashes. I can’t live without them since I first discover.
And now I’m so lucky that I’ve found the best makeup artist and friend in the whole world, Camelia Nastu. 😛

I always say when you wanna look your best it’s not just about the clothes.

Hair and makeup are so important TO ME.
Generally speaking, we all want our skin and hair to look as young as possible. Or at least be a beautiful reflection of how we feel on the inside. All of us have a few beauty routines and makeup must-haves that we just can’t live without or that we use every now and then.
Since I’ve been getting a lot of messages asking about my makeup, I thought it’d be a good idea to show you in an article how Camelia is doing one of my favorite makeup looks.
Here are some expert tips on how to recreate the beauty of smokey eyes makeup.
It’s really simple to do and you can use your favorite products. The first thing you MUST always pay attention when it comes to beauty and makeup is the skin. If you want your makeup to look better on your skin you MUST: Drink lots of water, clean the face before, exfoliate and hydrate.
Another important thing is always using really good brushes and clean them before you start the makeup. When it comes to makeup, especially smokey eyes, blending is everything. Good brushes are the key to a bright eye makeup, playing it with lighter and darker shades.

Smokey eyes mean that the eyes must be the focal point of your face, keeping the rest of it neutral.

 smokey eyes

Smokey eyes are my go-to makeup look because it’s super versatile and adds drama. I’m a big fan of the classic black or dark brown smokey eyes. And it actually works great for any eye color.

Before jumping to the eyes or lips makeup, Camelia always even out my skin with primer, foundation, and loose powder. Start with a primer to stop the smearing. You must blend it over lids and under eyes to ensure that your makeup stays on all day and night. Continue with a creamy concealer along your under eye area using a brush or your finger. Dark circles really kill the sexiness of a smokey eye look.

Camelia recommends getting warm highlights around your face or a warmer base to promote a younger appearance. Choose golden tones because they will soften the lines and wrinkles.

When it comes to skin, luminosity signifies youth. She is recommending a highlighter, like the one from MAC above the eyebrows, to the bridge of your nose and tops of the forehead for fresh, dewy skin.

If you want to have a good makeup you must take care of your eyebrows. I know everybody like their arches high and dramatic but once you get older it might look a little bit severe. The solution is to soften your arch and fill your brows with a brow pencil that’s lighter than your hair color. Sometimes I use a very good brows gel from MakeUp Forever.

smokey eyessmokey eyes


To achieve the smokey eyes look Camelia applied black carbon all over my upper eyelids, using Naked Urban Decay Palette no.3. Next, she added a bit of Taupe (brown with gray) to the crease to add dimension and depth. If you want to define your eye drag a creamy black eye pencil along top and bottom lash lines, making sure there’s no skin showing between lashes and the line. She finished with dark eyeliner from Makeup Forever for my beloved smokey eyes look.

For a professional and fantastic effect for fashion photography, you can try contouring with Anastasia Contouring Kit. Personally, I love it because I’m not a fan of plastic surgery. You can highlight the nose bridge, chin, on top of the cheeks, basically where the natural light falls and conceal under the cheekbones, chin and forehead. For inspiration or tutorials, you can follow the guru of contouring, Kim Kardashian, on Youtube and Instagram. And Yes I do think a good makeup starts with a clean, healthy and contoured face.

Stylists advice to avoid anything frosty or sparkly in the quest to look younger because it can accentuate fine lines. Instead, use satin or matte finishes for a chic, polished final effect.

For fixing the makeup and have that natural and clean look you can use in the end a White fixing powder from YSL (Matte & Radiant Pressed Powder). It doesn’t change the tone of foundation. Adding just a bit of peach powder to my cheeks and my makeup is almost ready! In the end, I contoured my lips with nude lip pencil and put on a mixture between Hue and Angel lipsticks from MAC.

It’s easy… if you choose to play up your eyes, stick to nude lips and vice versa.

It all depends on the look you’re going for.

smokey eyes

Products :

EYES: Naked Urban Decay 3 eye shadow palette, Makeup ForEver eye liner

LIPS: MAC lipstick & Lip Pencil

CHEEKS: Guerlain Peach powder


Photo Credit: Cornel Petrus Photography 
 MakeUp: Camelia Nastu