Slip dress over pants

Slip dress over pants is a favorite pastime of mine and my mantra for this fall.

When I was in London two weeks ago, I could NOT miss taking pictures with one of my favorite slip dresses. EVEN if I was freezing I bask in the superpowers that come with nobody knowing where my hips nor knees start and end.

I’m a firm believer that anything, even this sexy, can still be worn in broad daylight, as long as it’s not skin-tight! Instead of wearing a real nightgown on a daylight I choose something similar, a slip dress, that I simply adore it. I don’t consider myself a follower of all trends that show up every season but certainly, I take some inspiration and wear it in my own characteristic way.



A little extra skin never hurt anybody! Even I’m not longer 20 years old, I still wear what my heart craves. This means sensual clothes like slip dresses. I have a profound love for dresses, lots of skin showing and attention getter garments. And I have Anna Dello Russo to look up to it!

Adorable backless dresses are so intriguing, suggestive, mysterious and subtle. It is a well-known fact, that showing cleavage can be less impressive than wearing a backless dress. But this grey backless treasure I think it will always keep an air of elegance and unbelievable self-confidence! Grey is neutral ground for me when I’m in one of those in-between moods and I love to wear it. It’s such an elegant color and also the current color of the clouds over London. We all know what the weather is like, here in

We all know what the weather is like, here in England.

If Kate Moss got a nickel for every time she wore a slip dress in the 90’s, and later on, throughout her posh life, she’d be a millionaire. Oh wait! She did and she is a millionaire! Not necessarily cause of the slip dress, but she did make it famous. And since everything today has got something to do with the 90’s, the slip dress was bound to make its major comeback.

Out of all the things fashion has given and taken from us for the past 20 years I swear, the SLIP DRESS is that one thing I was dying to see come back to life again.

There’s just something so sexy and laid back about this dress, the way it resembles a seductive nightie, the way it feels to the touch, so silky and luscious, the way it’s so easy to slip into… I mean…It’s so fucking great! Style wise it goes a mile… as it can be worn in a billion ways, equally effortless and hot.

Anyway, I hope you like these pictures where I tried to add some edginess with my black leather pants and vintage hat. I think they clash with the dress femininity and simplicity. If you add a sweater or a leather jacket on, you can practically be Kate Moss when she was dating Johnny Depp.

slip-wayfarerstyle16| Leather Pants: Top Shop| Dress: H&M Studio| Sandals: Top Shop| Tote Bag: Zara | Vintage Hat |


So what do you think? Will you slip into it, or not?

Foto: Vali I. Popa

Location: City Hall London