Shopping with Mercedes E Class

Going Shopping with Mercedes E Class isn’t such a bad thing after all! And I was fortunate enough to have an incredible experience these days. Ok, so maybe such things aren’t always available at one’s disposable but when they are – just follow through with this little tip!

Always match your lipstick and your car to your outfit. Right?



“I don’t believe in shooting stars, but I believe in shoes and cars.”

It is known as the world and Earth that women love shopping. Many of them do shopping every day! They live for it. They work for it. They breathe for it. These girls have created a lifestyle strict about this issue. It’s official: when it comes to shopping and wandering through stores, women are ecstatic. Just Like me!

I’m a Shopaholic but what makes me really happy it’s going Shopping with Mercedes E Class AMG Coupe!

I’ve always been a fan of German whips. Mercedes-Benz is one of my favorites, especially for their design and performance. About 2 weeks ago someone asked me what makes me happy. By default, my answer was “cars”. Yes, I know, I’m an atypical woman. But not so atypical. Even if I love cars and actual emotions that they cause me when they run, I also like flowers, chocolate and all things women usually love. I even learned to combine business with pleasure: I was recently Shopping in Bucharest with the new Mercedes E Class AMG Coupe. Certainly, this car is one of the most luxurious and down right sexiest cars I’ve had the pleasure of driving lately. Exquisite and jewel like ! Elegantly designed and fully optioned with a sporty soul. It’s sexy, suave and sophisticated.

All class, all luxury and all-round amazing ride, the new E Class AMG Coupe is as beautiful to drive as it is to look at and sit in. And what do you think about going shopping with this white beauty? With everything you’d expect from Mercedes-Benz, it doesn’t fall short of your expectations.

Well, not mine anyway.

This two doors, two-seater coupé features all the luxuries, creates comforts and space perfect for those seeking style and something sporty. It has the right amount of grunt and the option for manual gear change with its flappy paddle gears, a sleek leather interior with ample space and a killer sound system. Considering comfort, premium materials used and their assembly, allow me to say that Mercedes E Class interior is probably the best in the segment.

Innovation that’s always ahead. Performance that never goes out of style.

For this ride I push myself to experiment with what’s already in my closet and I was surprised with all the awesome ideas I come up with. To be honest I picked out this outfit in like 5 minutes inspired by the Miu Miu Fall collection. The athletic esthetic continued to inspire designers this season, each item brought a cool, dynamic sportswear vibe to the runway. Almost every designer had a sporty coverup in their collection including Saint Laurent where a green parka appeared layered over a leopard print sequined mini. Miu Miu proposed raincoats and huge ski jackets. So, I was surprisingly happy to use my mum pink oversized ski jacket layered over my mini skirt that perfectly matched with a blue shirt. The whole combo made me feel very confident. And my red heels bring a brilliant awkward contrast for many of you, but it has a sense of naivety, combined with a desire to grow up, so perfectly encapsulated in this look. Just as at Prada in Milan, I worn my handbag defiantly at the back being accompanied by the huge plunging pockets on the coat.

The conclusion of the day?

If You Want luxury clothes and accessories with attitude, go Shopping with Mercedes E Class. If You Want exquisite experiences, drive Mercedes E Class AMG Coupe. Or You Can Do Them Both!




Make – Up and Hair Styling : Camelia Nastu