Shimmery Oxfords


Shimmery Oxfords are trending Spring and Summer season this year.

Say Hello today to the newest addition to my humble shoe collection – Shimmery Oxfords.
Even the most fashionable ladies need a break from heels on occasion. Menswear oxfords are a polished substitute of them, so wearable and chic. And so perfect for office days.
Many of you asked me how is it like to be a fashion blogger and a banker in the same time? And how I manage to do so many things in one single day? Very complicated I Must confess! As my blog is growing and becoming a job every day, I am super tired trying to do my best in both worlds.
Basically, everyday I wake up knowing I can’t waste 5 minutes… I open my eyes, read my emails, choose my clothes, take my car and go to the office, write my posts on all social media, answer my emails, do my job, get ready and attend the fashion events…and hopefully get to bed at 1 o’clock in the night.
At first, it all started because I was bored and thought a fashion hobby would be great, but now I had to review my priorities and decide what I’m going to do next. I need to find a balance in my life, and boy, this is harder than I expected. And this summer it will be crazyyyy!
That’s why I cherish those moments when I just walk in the city with a super talented photographer, Mihai Pivniceru, taking the time to shoot great pictures and enjoy the moment.

I believe those kinds of pictures turn out to be the best, as they don’t look staged!

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I’ve been eyeing these perfect Oxfords shoes for a while.

I think these are the footwear staples every fashionable woman should own and keep in their closet at all times.
And if you don’t believe me look all over the runways this season and see that the world-renowned designers also seem to agree with. Chanel footwear collection consisted of androgynous silhouettes like loafers and oxfords, with cut-outs and ankle straps to give these shoes a slightly feminine touch. 
 I already posted some photos with them on Instagram and got so many compliments! Thank you guys! They are so simple, so elegant and so perfect, that there is no doubt I will pick them everyday. I already have dozens of ways on my mind in which I could wear them.
I know that especially during summer the most of the girls wear ballerinas. To be honest, I hate this kind of shoes! And the worst part is that my feet always hurt after walking in it. So, this year I change my footwear into something more cool… a pair of shimmery oxford shoes! I know I know…not perfect for a day at the beach or something, but the perfect companion in the city.
And the perfect alternative for just feeling free and comfortable in not-so short Shorts. With tons of styles prancing all over the runways this season, it’s nice to see a trend emerge that’s a bit more user friendly.

Naked legs, no jeans or tights!

This is definitely one of the best parts during summer, right? But be careful, while these navy shorts won’t show too much skin, they’re best worn with heels and a fitted top to avoid getting boxed in.
I totally love this season, especially when the sun is rising and shining up early in the morning!
Oh yeah…summer is calling!
Hope you had a good start of the week and enjoyed the perfect sunny weather this weekend!
shimmery oxford 5/ wayfarerstyle.comshimmery oxford 7/ wayfarerstyle.comshimmery oxford 8/ wayfarerstyle.comI am wearing:

| Shirt: Esprit| Shorts: Zara| Blazer: Zara| Shoes: Zara | Sunglasses: Armani|


Photo Credit:    Mihai Pivniceru

Make Up & Hair Styling:   Camelia Nastu