ShareyourSexy with me


Today I want to ask you guys to ShareyourSexy picture with me!

I thought it would be interesting to ask you about your thoughts on #ShareyourSexy because I have a new campaign going on with J’s Boutique! This campaign is a new step to inspire you and a new way to interact with each other. It’s my way to communicate with you via social media and find out what’s sexy for you!

Nowadays people use for almost everything the word “sexy” without feeling ashamed…

…sexy it’s a strong word that people often associate with lingerie, revealing dresses, Victoria’s Secret models or specific scenes in movies. Sexy is supposed to mean sexually attractive but has the tendency to lose “value” when is used so often. However, recently it has become a word of ambiguous meaning that morons use when unable to think of a better adjective for something they like.

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For sure every woman called sexy instead of beautiful will have a bigger smile on her face, believing it’s a higher compliment. Actually, sexy it’s not just about attracting someone!

Sexy is a State of mind!

It’s hard to feel sexy with a bunch of negative thoughts swirling around in your head. Real sexiness is the total confidence that can make you feel smarter, funnier and better in every area of your life.

Personally, I think the word itself is difficult to define! Feeling sexy It’s up to each individual person. If you ask me I would probably say that sexy is about embracing who you are. Showing your true self, being conscious, staying grounded, being empathetic, able to deal with difficult situations, being vulnerable, funny and confident! It’s about acceptance, it’s about living in the moments and it’s simply about becoming the best version of yourself!

Sexy it’s not something you can say it every day! Beginning with 2016 the word “Sexy” can be so much more than just a physical and superficial thing!

This is when I come into play and invite you to a #Shareyoursexy photo with me! I was inspired by the latest campaign featuring top model Joan Smalls, made by Calvin Klein Underwear with Zaalando Team.

So…All you have to do is Share your sexy picture with me using ShareYourSexy and #JsBoutique hashtags and simply give me your personal definition of what sexy means for you. Then please Share my post on your Facebook Page. And you will have the chance to win a sexy bodysuit from J’s Boutique!

So I hope you all join the conversation…The contest is available until Saturday, 9th of January when I will choose the sexiest picture and cool response.

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Looking at me being all naughty…what was the question again?

What does it mean sexy?

If you wish to be Eva Mendez for a day just Pretend to be like her! And what better way to do it than wearing lace? Next time you want to feel sexier get out of your head and play a role! Emulate your favorite leading lady and feel your confidence skyrocket. Express your femininity by slipping into lace and a pair of thigh high boots. Not only they will give you an empowering boost but it will automatically transform you into a seductress.

Forget Princess Leia and her gold bikini or her white, celestial caftan. When it comes to the most stylish layering, there are no shiny gimmicks than being covered with long, shaggy fur and sexy hat. Not a bad way to let Fur warmly win your wardrobe this winter.

Ever notice that when you are wearing something sexy it changes your whole energy?

You just have to Be Comfortable in your own Skin! After all, complete confidence is the key component of sex appeal. For me, it works!

What’s your… ShareyourSexy ?