Safari Style Behind The Scene

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Today I hit the Safari style on my blog, one of the 2015 Spring/Summer Trends!

These are my first Studio pictures I did in my life.
First of all, I’m a big fan of safari style and utilitarian looks, palm trees, flamingo prints and Khaki color.
Since it first hit the runway over 40 years ago, khaki has become a fashion classic, returning this season with a bang. You can imagine how I loved this jumpsuit when I put my hands on it last year in H&M London. I knew since then it will be a statement piece in my wardrobe!
Every girl needs a hot silk pyjama or jumpsuit in her arsenal and this military one is about as hot as it gets. Its relaxed and sporty shape is undeniably sexy, especially when paired with statement jewelry. Just one tip: I recommend wearing it with a leather belt to highlight your waist! The jumpsuit is set to be the uniform for the chic and sophisticated these days. You got that right! From fighter pilots to technicians, this season, designers took inspiration from the world of industry, to create fashion-forward utilitarian looks.
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I hope you enjoy my pictures and the Safari style!

After my first year of blogging, I realized that if I want to be successful I need to constantly challenge myself and strategize my future. I need to constantly look at what I’m doing and ask myself ‘could this be done differently? Or ‘how can I evolve what I do? I’m always looking forward to do things much better. This means spending time looking critically at what I’m doing and working hard for my passion project.

 There are a LOT of fashion bloggers out there. So if I want to stand out I need to offer something different. I think I have that edge and a level of confidence that sets me apart, along with versatility while staying true to my style. For me, the newest outfit or post needs to be better than the last one! So it’s hard for me to say this is the one I love the most as I’m never completely satisfied! I can say that I always like my last outfit!

I hope to turn my blog into more than just a ‘thing’ to a successful business! I started blogging for the love of it and I still love it, but more so now that it’s monetized! The best thing about what I do is having complete creative and business control. Every day is different, each experience is unique and I get to share it all with my dear followers! I love having the freedom of running my BLOG the way I want and working with who I want. I’ve been fortunate to have someone as business minded as my brother to work with me along the way. 

From my perspective I couldn’t agree more that working hard is a major factor in moving forward towards your ‘dream’ or aspiration. The best thing about doing something you love is that hard work doesn’t feel like hard work. Working hard feels less like hard work when you’re doing what you love.

I’m inspired by a lot of people and things EVERYDAY. Digital and social media offers me a lot to gain inspiration from too. When I’m scrolling through my Tumblr or Instagram, I start getting ideas. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a fashion designer, like all fashionistas. My mum used to design and make clothes for me so I guess it’s in the genes. It’s still something that I would like to pursue and I’ve had some design collaborations, but to have my own label is something I’m considering in the future.


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The most important advice I have for my readers is to be fearless and take risks!

Not saying you should do anything that’s stupid, but I mean if you want the career or lifestyle that you’ve always wanted. Then honey you better work! Nothing amazing was ever achieved within a comfort zone!

If you don’t take a chance you’ll never know how happy or how awesome you or your future might be!

Make-Up & Hair Styling:   Camelia Nastu