Raffaela Moraru dresses

raffaela moraru dresses

How I fall in love with Raffaela Moraru dresses?!

The fact that I love to look glam and precious it’s not new anymore. For me Fashion it’s a way to really express myself. For me it’s mostly an experience of art.

Fashion gives me the amount of freedom I need and allows me to be who I want to be! Fashion can tell people to back off or it can invite them in and show the softer side of me.

 Raffaela Moraru found in me the woman who wants to wear her dresses. Last week she invited me to see her new showroom in Bucharest, on Calea Mosilor 308, and spoiled me with her sensual designs. And I couldn’t resist the temptation of wearing and showing them to you my lovely readers!

raffaela moraru dresses 12raffaela moraru dresses 11 - www.alinavlad.comraffaela moraru dresses 9 - www.alinavlad.com_DVD2585_DVD2572Rafaela Moraru - www.alinavlad.com_DVD2564



Especially at sunset. We shot these pictures at sunset in Carol Park. For me sunset + sheer means perfection.

Raffaela Moraru dresses have been created by simply looking into women hearts and capturing their desires. Her designs has the power to change your mood and your look. Boldness, elegance and finesse in every piece. Raffaela Moraru symbolizes elegance, style and sophistication. The Romanian designer is distinguished by unique materials, classic cut and manual applications.

Looking for a flattering dress for a birthday celebration, wedding, cocktail party or a ball? Whatever event you have I want to introduce you today to www.raffaelamoraru.ro, a new shopping destination, that offers an array of gorgeous designs to choose from. She designs evening dresses to fit any style and taste as well as any budget. They come in variety of styles and fabrics with beautiful details like sequins, beads, lace parts, etc. From sleeveless to one-shoulder dresses, you’ll find just what you need to stand out from the crowd. Classic sophistication with modern touches will make you look gorgeous, feminine and graceful. Long, ankle-length or short, strapless or backless, the choice is only yours. And when it comes to color options they are endless. With so many choices available, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect dress and You’ll be the centre of attention everywhere! 

And If you wanna stay updated with Raffaela Moraru dresses, just check her Facebook & Instagram accounts.

Like COCO Chanel once said :

Look for the woman in the dress! If there is no woman, there is no dress! 

On a cold evening, on the empty streets of Bucharest, there was a woman who hold her breath and posed for the amazing photographer David Ghisa. I have only admiration for these photos but I will leave it up to you…

raffaela moraru dresses 6 -www.shopaholicalife.com_DVD2729_DVD2679raffaela moraru dressesaffaela moraru dresses 10 -www.shopaholicalife.comraffaela moraru dresses 8 -www.shopaholicalife.comaffaela moraru dresses 22 -www.shopaholicalife.com

So I fall in love with Raffaela Moraru dresses?!

Especially when I’m an incurable romantic and I’m in love with black lace…There’s something about the right fabulous dress that can bring out a confidence in you that you didn’t realize you had. This is the fact that I love most about fashion. It can only make life more beautiful than it is by making people look and feel more beautiful.

That ability to change, to constantly renew itself is probably what makes fashion so beautiful. And unlike any other art form, the beauty that is often created in fashion is completely fleeting. It’s a moment. 

Like this moment…when my dress becomes an extension of my personality, a mood and a way of expressing my inner creativity… I love the effect that a dress can have on the way people see you and the way you might see yourself.

There’s more to it, I’m sure!

But I don’t think I will ever stop to think about my love for dresses and fashion!


“What is important in a dress is the woman who’s wearing it!”

                            Yves Saint Laurent


Photo Credit:   David Ghisa Photographer 
Make-Up:         Andra Preda Make-Up
     Hair Styling:     Beauty SALON HAIR TAPE Extensions