Pyjama Style

Today I’m lounging out in one of the season’s hottest trends: pyjama style…

See how you can manage to pull it off these days because…The sun is shining again! Finally we can expect some nice weather… and I’m already excited to wear summery clothes again! Have been in my pyjamas all day so far, blogging, listening to music and drinking lemonade.

Not bad for a Tuesday, don’t you think?


To be honest, I have no idea how summer came around so quickly. Spring is a terribly fascinating time of the year, starting with snow in March and summer days that call for sleeveless clothes after 1’st of May. It is the best time of the year, from blossoms to hot sun followed by warm rain. But this perfect weather that reminds me of beach calls for a Summer appropriate outfit…and lately I have a crush on pyjama style. It’s glamorous… it’s sensual and really feminine!

If today you left home for work in your pyjama or lounge-wear, just know this: it’s OK. Because it’s one of the top trends for 2015 Spring/Summer. Pyjama style clothing made its way into the fashion world. Comfortable and practical, such suits will be loved by women without stereotypes, who appreciate comfort and individuality more than fashion labels. I feel that is a great option whenever you find yourself in front of a trend decision. You just have to pick your favorite fluid summer pants, a shirt and killer heels.

There is something very feminine with a French je m’en fiche to the day-time pyjama look. Think silk suit, expensive fabrics, rich perfume, tiny prints, high heels… Seriously. You can’t beat that. Anything from soft track pants to silk long fluid ones paired with camisoles, robes, stay-in-bed-all-day-kimonos or shirts is, right now, good to go straight to the streets.

So…loungewear as day-wear is the new fashion gimmick. I mean you can do it Khloe style in sexy silly bath-robe dresses. Or you can have a more French relaxed chic approach with a relaxed tee and pants or silk pyjama. You can do it festival style in a kimono or blogger cool with track pants or tapered silk pants and heels. In other words it’s all about the silhouettes: loose, draping and very casual sexy, with usually the shoes and accessories setting the tone. Now I’m sure that all my silky pyjamas and sweatpants, my floral breezy kimonos and dresses were a solid investment in my sartorial future.

I would wear these silk pants from the SS15 H&M Studio collection everyday both with flats and heels. Today I choose my Smiling Shoes strappy black python sandals and an electric blue lace shirt. This color in particular reminds me of freedom, of a summery playfulness pushing me to try to be as spontaneous, easy going and full of dreams as I can be. Summer is almost on our doorstep and I just came back from an amazing 1’st of May weekend spent at Black Sea where I had the best time ever with my friends.

Enough about me now, let’s hear your opinion about pyjama style!

Would you wear pyjamas or lounge-wear out of the house to more pretentious places other than the coffee shop or grocery downstairs?



Photo Credit:   Virgil Hritcu

Make-Up & Hair Styling:   Camelia Nastu