Public trademark issue

Today I want to tell you about my public trademark nightmare….

I always grew up believing of the importance to think out of the box, to question ourselves, to be open minded and encourage each and others to exploit the full potential of their abilities…I don’t have prejudices and I will live my life the way I want to.

When I was in school, I was constantly pressured by the idea of choosing one faculty for my university degree, because my parents wanted me to study economics when I still haven’t fully understood who I am and what I want to do. So I graduated Management at Academy of Economic Studies and I started to work, like all my colleagues, in a bank. My parents were extremely happy because money and stable job means comfort and a good living in today’s society. But for me, it only meant missed opportunities and spending years of my life “trapped in a box, where I couldn’t use my potential in it’s widest range.

With this being said, I’m aware today that I couldn’t live my life in a box anymore. It scares me to death…

So I went on my own life quest…opening my own website, in February 2014.

public trademark 1 - www.alinavlad.compublic trademark 2 - www.alinavlad.compublic trademark 3 -


When I opened Shopaholica Confessions, it was just as if I suddenly had wings. All of a sudden my life mattered so much. Why? Because I could speak about things that inspired me, share my journey, talk about what I find beautiful and actually make an impact. I Never thought that I wanted to be a “blogger”, and put myself in that box. To me having a website was the most free-ing thing I could do at that time of my life. It is a diary where I talk about things I love while sharing MY journey.

During these 2 years I’ve had the chance to create, try and do so many different things thanks to the opportunities the website brought me. I do believe that our place in this world is valuable only if we work with passion.

No good has ever resulted from someone who’s been forced to do something he hates. We all have a lesson to teach and we all have a lesson to learn. We are all here to live our stories and share them with one another, to help, empower and inspire each other. And I hope with all my heart that I managed to do it, because Shopaholica Confessions was my way of expression to the world. And now, doesn’t exist.

Before opening my website, I thought a lot about the name I want to be. I had only one in my mind because I’m addicted to Shopping and my house is full of clothes. So I decided that Shopaholica Confessions is the best because I’m identifying very well with Rebecca Blomwood main character from a favorite book of mine – “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. Both series of chic-lit novels written by Sophia Kinsella and the film are a MUST for any fashionista! I don’t know if you saw the movie or read the book but Becky is a girl who spends all day writing articles on how to manage money wisely, but dreams of working in fashion. It’s so ironic because Becky is a shopping addict who lives with her best friend Suze. Her own method of managing money is to hide her Visa bills under the bed and hope they’ll disappear. Becky just can’t stop shopping, whether it’s buying an essential grey cardigan, or falling in lust with a pair of dreamy shoes.

I believe there are many Becky Bloomwoods out in this world. And one of them is me. I think our story resembles so good for me working in financial banking and trying for years to let go my addiction for shopping and save money! So, I thought if I talked about my passion for fashion, I will be able to stop Shopping! Just kidding! I’m irreparable!

I didn’t stop Shopping…Let’s say I’m not doing it so often and I’m not buying things I don’t use anymore. I want to know your opinion also about this subject or maybe I want just some advices.

When I wanted to buy the page domain I couldn’t because was taken. So I decided for meaning “the style of a traveler”. Because everybody was asking me why I have so many names: my page domain was and the name of the blog was ShopaholicaConfessions (so difficult to spell in Romanian) I decided to buy another domain for my website. So I change it, in February 2016, after 2 years of blogging because like I told you, that domain name was bought by somebody who wants to sell it for 3000 Eur.

Finally my domain was the same with the name of my blog and my Facebook Page. But I couldn’t enjoy it much because somebody claimed a public trademark.

From 2014 they were sending me messages to give up using this name and left bad comments on my Facebook page. But I didn’t paid too much attention. They exceed any limit when they started to send emails to my friends who were using the hashtag #shopaholica on Instagram and had pictures with me.

Nobody can restrict a person to use a hashtag on Instagram or Facebook! 🙄

Now, my question is: An U.S. registered public trademark has the same incidence in Romania and Europe? I talked with some lawyers and they don’t know exactly what could possibly happen if she decides to sue me. I can use this word in Europe and nobody can ban me, but my website is read by many people from all over the world.

I want to tell you that when I decided to open my blog I checked to see if anyone was operating under that name. There was nobody and who claims that name is her brand she hasn’t yet begun her business. Then, I saw that I couldn’t buy the domain. Since 2012 I invested a lot of time and money in my website. The only thing that I didn’t want to do is to buy the public trademark, because if I don’t buy it internationally I believe everything is in vain. And I preferred to invest my money in something else like attending Fashion Weeks.

I thought a lot what to do and I finally decided to change again my website.

I don’t want to have problems like this.

What do you think? What is your opinion my friends?

I don’t have money to buy a registered international public trademark for my business and I don’t have money to buy that domain name. So I let everything away!

Time will tell who is better and have more success!

My public trademark dispute I hope will end here.

To me, life is like a movie scene and I will not restrict myself… You walk around, your abilities grow, suddenly you have new tools, new powers and you become a fuller, bigger character using the full percentage of your capacities.

There will always be room for improvement. I know I can’t be great at everything. Not because there’s physically enough time to, but if there’s the will, I think one can learn a LOT. The most important is to take things step by step. Throughout life, throughout it’s different phases, you’ll be evolving.

One thing I know for sure, is that being open minded has been the most rewarding and life changing approaches ever for me.

public trademark -


I just want to tell you guys, that nothing will stop me from fighting for my passion!

It is my challenge also to proof that when there’s the will there’s the possibility. And I am not claiming anything. I know that the respect and the credibility must to be earned. But I am profoundly ready for it…Here it is :

Otherwise, I wouldn’t even embark on this kind of journey. It is more of a risk that could hurt my overall career. I am doing it, because I truly believe in it. Fashion has helped me go through so much in my life and I know that it does to so many others as well. That’s what makes it so special and one of the world’s most beautiful art forms. And my blog, I will always keep it.

Because it is my diary, where I’ll always be honest. So, wish me luck as Alina Vlad!

I have always thought that is such a common name, but now I believe that it’s a Stronger one.

Be kind to one another, and don’t let anything stop you from doing what you truly love.

And from finding your path!


Photo Credit:      Barcan Photography
Dress :  Luisa Beccaria