Poelle Magic Dress

I’m glad to introduce you today to POELLE Magic World!
On the fourth day of Feeric Fashion Days I wore a very stylish and cute dress from POELLE. I love it for her duality, for the color and because it’s Made in Romania. The pink rabbit was of course the centre piece of the whole look with it’s adorable face standing there. I loved the frilled sleeves and the material texture which felt so comfortable. On top of that to break the edgy look, I added my white Adidas sneakers as they are the highlight of the last seasons! Wearing a Poelle Magic dress looked so fun and playful during that day. I even jumped into a locomotive to take a few shots, after Yvette Hass fashion show at CFR Train Station in Sibiu.
POELLE dresses are so versatile and cute. I’m talking about two ways of styling these dresses. You can easily mix and match them with heels or sneakers or even with a pair of flats and a red lipstick.
Feel free to be creative and fun!
Don’t count the number of clothes you have but their versatility and the way you are wearing them! The attitude and accessorizing is a must to be a statement!

Poelle Magic dress can be found on the official website POELLE.ro

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Wow. Times really does fly doesn’t it? Feeric Fashion Days simply kept me so busy. The last couple of days have been very rich in emotions and excitement. That’s the least to say! Ever since we left Bucharest to attend Feeric Fashion Days everything was crazy! I had so much fun in Alba Iulia and Sibiu, I met new people and make new friendships, learn from them and enjoy each day there.
When I look back at all the things that happened last week, I have to admit that it did felt like a crazy roller coaster. And I didn’t want to loose my time with writing articles because every day it was full with fashion shows, meetings and fun. Of course, I had time for Instagram and Facebook posts. You know I’m living in a virtual bubble but that my job now!
I still have so many images to share with you from my trip in Transylvania and from Feeric Fashion Days. Sometimes I shot a multitude of articles for Shopaholica Confessions in just a few hours. Imagine only the amount of content I have for you guys! I know I am harassing your feed !! But I still Hope you like my posts!

Here is another Video from Day 4 at Feeric Fashion Days!


The reason why we were at Depoul CFR that day was another Feeric fashion show created by Mitichi and his team. Swedish designer Yvette Hass presented for the second time at Feeric Festival, her A/W 2015-2016 collection.

Yvette Hass is the founder and designer of YVETTE HASS brand launched in 2014. She believes in creating mini collections with a high degree of fashion that creates a demand and a curiosity about what’s next to come. Her signatures are all about feminine modern silhouettes, leather, silk, beads and feathers. A major inspiration for her given pieces are cultural based, Scandinavian characteristics.

YVETTE HASS wants to create strong individual pieces rather than a choral collection. The pieces are made for everyday wear, day to night looks. With her designs, they encapsulate essential pieces to build a wardrobe around, easy to combine in color, and long-lasting in both style and extension of upcoming collections.

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We then finished the night at Feeric Venue with last four fashion shows by Stefania Borodi, The Fashion Institute “Salomeia Truta” from Bucharest, Maia Ratiu and Muza. I especially like the easy breeze dresses from Maia Ratiu collection.

We had drinks and dance all night long then, enjoying the loveliest time ever with Catrinel Marlon at the cocktail party for Cockaigne magazine launching. International supermodel Catrinel Menghia is joining Cockaigne magazine team from July, as creative director. She will coordinate the artistic direction of this alternative lifestyle and fashion magazine in Romania.

However, Cockaigne, which until now could be browsed online, will take an important step in September, launching the first print edition. On the cover of the new issue will be Catrinel Menghia itself.

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I still have so many images to share with you from my trip in Transylvania and from Feeric Fashion Days.

See you soon!

Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures

Adrian Murgea and Andra Dumitrescu