Planet Plein

During Milan Fashion Week, I had the chance to be a #PleinHero on Fearless Planet Plein.

Today I’m thrilled to share with you one of my biggest experience from MFW. Being front row at Philipp Plein fashion show, called SUPERHEROINE EXTRAVAGANZA, it was much more than I expected from this fashion week.

Even if it was raining so badly and I was really tired, on my last night spent in Milan I left the apartment  and hurry up to catch the amazing event that took place in Fiera Milano City, in a room twice the size of Versace’s. The show ran late, being the last one from that day and it featured a semi-controversial performing artist, like Plein used us, so far.

To the beat of a live performance by Chris Brown, Philipp Plein unleashed his Superheroines, the fearless women who brave the world with control and femininity. 

As always, on Planet Plein, expect the unexpected.

Colossal illuminated and fire semi-trailers reverse onto the stage carrying Philipp Plein Superheroines, who march off the trucks into the runway kicking of the Fall/Winter 16/17 show. 

philipp-plein-fw16- www.shopaholicalife.comphilip plein 1 - www.alinavlad.comphilipp-plein-fw16-1- www.shopaholicalife.com2016-03-135philipp-plein-fw16-4- www.shopaholicalife.comphilip plein 2 - www.alinavlad.comphilip plein 3 - www.alinavlad.comphilipp-plein-fw16-2- www.shopaholicalife.comphilip plein 4 - www.alinavlad.com2016-03-1382016-03-136philip plein 6 - www.alinavlad.com2016-03-1310philipp-plein-fw16- 3-www.shopaholicalife.com2016-03-137_ARC0466IMG_6097philipp-plein-fw16- 6-www.shopaholicalife.comphilipp-plein-fw16- 8-www.shopaholicalife.comPhilipp-Plein-2015-1


Inspired by Plein’s favorites heroes – Catwoman, The Avengers and Captain America – and their intriguing powers, the Fall/Winter 2016-17 collection means sensuality and toughness, sportiness and drama via sharp and body-conscious silhouettes, high-sparkle embellishments and a tight palette of gold, black and silver. It is all about the details on Planet Plein!

Black lace and bondage play an important role, while sneakers dominate, peeking out from everything, even high-wattage silk evening gowns. Flashy Lurex Avengers jacquards jazz up sharply tailored black blazers. The dresses are more skin than it is fabric, but I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I’m dreaming of wearing something like this on the Red Carpet, knowing that would be totally worth it. If I wanted to live out a dream of being a mix between a character on Planet Plein and an alien princess come to take over planet Earth, the Philipp Plein dresses would have been what I wore.

Superheroine Extravaganza Fall/Winter 16-17 collection trumpet a futuristic and unconventional attitude. 

 So now let’s talk about the After Party – “Planet Plein”.

Mostly, Milan is about the after parties, where you can actually meet a lot of people. This is what I loved the most about Milan Fashion Week and the city. I went to a 2 or 3 fashion shows in one day, but everywhere I go people show an interest in my personality, and they try to really get to know me. In my opinion that is the most important and interesting thing. When you not only see people passing by and running from show to show, but when you really get to know them and make new friends.

I don’t mean that in Paris you don’t get to know a lot of new people. Of course you do! But it’s different because Paris Fashion Week is more “business”. Everyone is running from one show to another, visiting showrooms and having many meetings. Milan is very down-to-earth and casual. People go to shows, but it’s not so crowded, and you can actually see the people you know, compared to Paris.

So, this is what happened at Philipp Plein cool party, that evening.

It was so much fun, though at a certain moment got way too crowded. Everybody was enjoying the huge bar with free drinks.  That night I’ve seen the most beautiful and stylish people ever, gathered together in one place.

PLANET PLEIN is meant to lead everybody through the young, crazy and luxurious world of Philipp Plein.

The concept behind PLANET PLEIN is even wider. A decade after the launch of his first fashion collection, Philipp Plein has evolved into a solid success story, becoming a key player in the fashion industry, thanks to a fun and edgy aesthetic that has cemented the brand’s reputation and perception. 

Based in Lugano, Switzerland, Philipp Plein is an eponymous lifestyle brand for men, women and children featuring ready-to-wear, leather goods, timepieces and eyewear. A self-described “believer and dreamer”, Plein pours his heart and soul into every aspect of the company. He is the driving force, exerting innovative design codes and a good business vision.

“I’m building a brand – I’m always Busy!” are his wise words and my favorites.  🙄 

The result is annual sales on the rise with steady double digit growth each year. This young brand speaks to a generation craving his cutting-edge, bold and tongue in cheek designs, with a cool rocker undercurrent. Independent and self-financed, Plein operates on the principle of “never spending more than one can afford”, which he learned from his parents.

Born in Munich in 1978, in the early stages of his career, Philipp Plein designed steel and croc-printed leather furniture and homeware, in a rainbow of colours that immediately caught the attention of interior designers. He then transformed the colorful croc leather into a capsule collection of bags, also an instant success. This led to his foray into fashion, creating personalised utility and military garments. At the same time, he developed his bestselling and iconic motif, a Swarowski crystal – encrusted skull. In 2008, Plein inaugurated a showroom in Milan, followed by his first flagship in Monte Carlo where the standout element was a giant dazzling skull, encrusted with 500,000 Swarowski crystals.

The giant shimmering skull become the characterizing feature of his boutiques. 

Philipp Plein is a staunch believer that to raise a brand’s visibility and to control its image, you need to invest in your own retail network in prime luxury shopping destinations. The total stores worldwide are going to be set to rise to 100 by mid 2016. The retail openings in the most prestigious locations across the globe is a natural strategy for the brand.

Philipp Plein rearticulates the luxury lifestyle that has become synonymous with this label.

The Philipp Plein collections, primarly manufactured in Italy, are influenced by his personal experiences, tastes and desires that evolve constantly. Each collection weaves a narrative, and Plein immerses himself in the theme he chooses, like an actor preparing for a specific role. He is attentive to the needs of the client, who in his mind ultimately consecrates the success of a fashion brand.


Philipp Plein is a dreamer and a believer because He believed in his dreams until they came true!

This is a Statement I found when I opened his cool magazine, Planet Plein, which I received it at the event.

It was like a revelation for me and I will thank Philipp Plein all my life for reminding me this at the right moment…and making me Believe in Myself more than I did before!


IMG_6139IMG_6129philipp-plein-aw1617-women-s-fashion-show--chris-brown-philipp-plein-sgp-117-20160303453508 philipp-plein-aw1617-women-s-fashion-show--dinner-sgp-97-20160303433508 philipp-plein-aw1617-women-s-fashion-show--philipp-plein-sgp-94-20160303383508 IMG_6124IMG_6063IMG_6115


Once you become Fearless Life becomes Limitless!