Picture Perfect Smile at Vitaldent Implantology Aesthetics

How I achieve that Picture Perfect Smile at Vitaldent Implantology Aesthetics ?

A smile is the simplest trick of all and the secret to Attractiveness at any age.

Stand in front of a mirror and have a go! If I like myself, other people will also like me. I truly believe that everyone has their own aura and the smile is the most important.

It’s no secret that we only have one chance to make a lasting first impression, which can often shape how we are perceived and remembered in both our social and professionals lives. A new study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry finds that a great smile can be our greatest asset. A feature that remains attractive even as we age and goes a long way in nailing an incredible first impression.


Perhaps this is why most people consider their smiles a worthwhile investment and would be willing to open up their wallets to preserve their pearly whites.

If you’re seeking a new clinic to visit for your regular check-ups, dental care and other non-surgical face treatments, I personally do highly recommend both Dr. Capra Andrei and Vitaldent Implantology Aesthetics Clinic. Without a doubt, he’s the friendliest dentist I’ve ever met.

Dr. Capra Andrei, with over 7 years of clinical experience, built an enviable place in the industry as one of the most trusted dental healthcare and aesthetics providers in Bucharest.

Few months ago, Dr. Capra Andrei opened his own Clinique – Vitaldent Implantology Aesthetics. I’m very happy to be one of his clients. Last week I visited Vitaldent for a general consultation and dental hygiene (cleaning) session. Once I settled into the dental chair, Dr. Capra Andrei started examining me, which was followed by a precise consultation on the current health of my teeth.

I enjoyed my visit to Vitaldent CLINIQUE and found it very insightful and I’m impressed by their excellent customer care and attention to detail for deep-cleaning.

Here is a Video for welcoming to Vitaldent Implantology & Aesthetics looks.


Teeth cleaning is an important aspect of maintaining your oral health status and is genuinely recommended by dentists. You should attend routine appointments in between your dental checkups.

When it comes to your dental care, preventive measures are always recommended to ensure your teeth are given the right amount of TLC. If you’ve fallen into the bad habit of waiting until something gets worse before visiting your dentist, you might find that you could’ve stopped it before. Which is why everyone is encouraged to take proper care of their teeth to stop the need for drastic treatment later on.

How to know what is suitable for you?

You may have no idea what it is that makes you unhappy about your smile, or you may be confident you know what sort of treatment you need. You may or may not have some understanding of what the solutions may be. Whichever way, we think your first step should be an open-mind consultation to a dentist with a known interest and experience in dental aesthetics.

At Vitaldent Implantology Aesthetics you will be offered an initial, FREE aesthetic consultation, from which they aim to provide initial insight into the nature of your smile and that technique helpful in achieving the aesthetic improvement you seek.

Dentists who have interest and experience in aesthetic work (generally called “cosmetic dentists”) are likely to be able to show you photographs of smiles with similar features to yours, both pre- and post-treatment, along with appropriate examples of their work, to assist your understanding.

At Vitaldent Implantology Aesthetics you are bound to feel comfortable and relaxed. Their dental surgeries have advanced equipment, while their reception and waiting area are prepared to accommodate the needs of regular clients as well as children and seniors. If you wish to bring a person to accompany you, you are more than welcome! It is a place where a highly professional attitude and outstanding medical competence merge with superb care of their patients.



So Girls, you should know that a smile is not just a row of teeth – the teeth need to be in harmony with the lip line and face.

Cosmetic dentistry involves improving the aesthetics of your teeth, whether that’s by means of teeth whitening, fillings, veneers or crowns. There are numerous techniques and procedures used in cosmetic dentistry.

At Vitaldent Implantology Aesthetics you will find an experienced team of doctors who are skilled in all areas of cosmetic dentistry. This ensure you receive continuity of treatment and the highest quality personalised care. They have founded their practice because they are passionate about what they do: work with each and every patient so that they can achieve and maintain a beautiful smile.

They also offer a wide range of non-surgical procedures designed to help firm and tone your skin and reduce wrinkles, eliminate your double-chin without surgery, stimulates your natural hair growth and stop your hair loss, using Anti-wrinkle injectables and fillers like Juvederm.

If you’re looking for a non-surgical facelift or you’d just like to smooth out a few lines or fill some deep-set wrinkles, injectable treatment is right for you. During your consultation, our aestheticians can explain the different applications of dermal fillers and other skin treatment options.

Vitaldent Implantology Aesthetics offer the highest quality of speciality services…and they offer to all their clients a free initial consultation to discuss the area of concern and the best suitable treatment for it.

Their team have all the solutions for a beautiful smile and face.

You can contact Vitaldent Implantology Aesthetics for a free consultation here :


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