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Philipp Plein’s AliceinGhettoland Private Party

Philipp Plein rocked Milan with the AliceinGhettoLand fashion show, last week.

AliceinGhettoland is the largest and most ambitious show ever attempted at Milan Fashion Week. It is also the biggest Private Party I have ever attended. Fergie and Fat Joe opened and closed Philipp Plein’s Spring 2017 runway show and Paris Hilton came in Milan to walk on his catwalk.

Dwarfs of garden, magic mushrooms, pink flamingos, ice-cream trucks, and a giant carousel, welcomed us on Wednesday night at Milan Fashion Week. In typical Plein fashion, the show was pure spectacle, featuring also musical acts by Fergie and Fat Joe, confetti, and a loud hip hop soundtrack.

The designer lived up to our expectations. Moreso, he actually left us wondering what the actual hell was going on?

Check the Live Video and read below to find out the most important things that happened at AliceinGhettoland Private Party.


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For starters, the invite had the hashtag #aliceinghettoland, and there was a twisted fantasy Candy land theme to his runway set. Pink flamingos and candy floss, magic mushrooms, ice-cream trucks and a giant carousel in the middle…

Welcome to Ghettoland, a candy-coloured town where everyone dreams big and fantasies really do come true.

I didn’t checked if those vintage Volkswagen vans actually give out ice cream. I don’t know! But they were cute anyway! The most impressive part was the oversized garden gnome with the word ‘Pimp’ emblazoned across his chest. Upon our arrival at Philipp Plein’s “Alice in Ghettoland” show, we were greeted by a whimsical candy land that conjured images from Fergie’s “MILFVILLE” music video and “Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.” It seemed that the entire spectacle had been staged for social media and positioned for the perfect money shot.

But the clothes?…I think nobody really remembers those! :))))

So…the music boomed and Fergie came in a 1960s-era Ford Thunderbird vintage convertible. Then a marching band dressed in red made a lap around the arena. The gardener took a ride with his bicycle in his little booth of roses.

Et voilaaa! Models decked out in denim and gold chains, logo sneakers in Olde English and bomber jackets, basketball shorts and freaking SKULL patterns, carrying bejeweled boomboxes down a runway that look like a fantasy-inspired set design. They were sporting opulent accessories, like nameplate necklaces, chokers with pearls and door knocker earrings. I saw the return of aviator sunglasses encrusted with crystals and stardust on the eyelids. There were many rap references, as the models were bopping around in gilded sneakers and baseball caps. And there was much to admire: denim hot pants, jodhpurs and cropped jackets with shouty slogan prints and blingy metal adornment, dresses strung with gold chains with cutaway panels up the body, white denim jackets embroidered with big cats and gladiator stilettos which strapped up to mid-thigh and piles of shiny necklaces.

These women are beautiful, powerful and in control. There are no desperate housewives here. These women run the place with a rod of glittering gold and they dress like hip hop honey. Baseball caps, high-tops and bomber jackets are elevated into perfect examples of street-style couture.

More is definitely more, and these women want to be noticed.

The almost constant narrative of cultural appropriation in the fashion industry is more than obvious here. When the culture of origin does something it’s frowned upon and has a negative connotation. But when European designers embrace it, it’s fun! Cutting edge! And entertaining!

Discover the Philipp Plein Spring Summer 2017 collection in the pictures below.

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Then Paris Hilton walked the catwalk in a flimsy black evening gown and walked up a three-story high carousel and whirled around with the other models on flying swings. In case you don’t follow her on Snapchat, Paris Hilton was in Milan. The former reality star took a break from her busy DJ schedule to walk Plein’s Tumblr-pink runway. Nothing preps a group of models for the catwalk better than suspending them in the air on a swing for a bit. As the models were spinning in circles, Fat Joe showed up to perform his latest hit “All The Way Up,” which was fitting perfectly for him.

No, this is not a fever dream. This is the runway set for Plein’s show. Welcome to “AliceinGhettoland.”

At the close of his “Aliceinghettoland” themed spectacle, Plein came with Fergie and announced to the assembly this would be his last Milanese fashion show. The 38-year-old designer is moving his show to New York from next season, where he will no doubt seek to augment his fortunes with more sensational, enormously shows. If you are curious, Plein’s luxury brand made him €200 million last year.
He is well-known for his extravagant undertakings when it comes to runway shows. Past seasons have included giant robots and Courtney Love, an actual fire, a functioning roller coaster, machine guns and a sea aquarium. In a previous interview, Philipp Plein explained that he puts on such spectacles so that his independent namesake label can stand up against its more established luxury-brand competitors. Gucci, for example, showed the same day as Plein this season.

Philipp Plein knows exactly what he’s doing. And Milan won’t be the same without him.

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This is what I call a real party!

From Fergie and Fat Joe singing to Paris Hilton walking on the catwalk. With the AliceinGhettoLand theme, with candy floss, pink flamingos and a carousel go round! As for the clothes… Truly ghetto fabulous! With the chains, the denims, the slits and the glam… Glam… Glam!
What a show!  So…ALL THE WAY UP for Philipp Plein!
For that night, I ended up wearing this slip pink dress with cutouts made by Izabela Mandoiu. It’s super sexy but sleek and strong at the same time. I think it matched perfectly with Plein’s setting and made me feel like AliceinGhettoland.
It was so exciting to attend this show, and I mean c’mon, it’s Philipp Plein Private Party! And Fergie had a Live concert.
I think there were like 4000 people enjoying the Party. Don’t forget that he bring a huge carousel where all the guests could spin in circle. I wasn’t so lucky because after 4 rounds the carousel had some problems! 🙂
Of all the fashion cities, it’s in Milan that the taste barometer needle behaves most agitatedly.
Now I’m really happy that I choose to attend Milan Fashion Week and Philipp Plein’s Glamorous Party.

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Of all the fashion cities, it’s in Milan that the taste barometer needle behaves most agitatedly.
Now I’m really happy that I choose to attend Milan Fashion Week and Philipp Plein’s Glamorous Party,


Outfit: Izabela Mandoiu

Bracelet : Lola & Grace from

Photo Credit: David Ghisa


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