New Year Resolutions

Hope you are all enjoying winter settling down in our backyards, the snow progressively starting to form on the streets, the festive joy that sparkles up everywhere…the mulled wine and fairy lights! The Holiday Season is the most wonderful time of the year so the songs tell us…it might just bring happiness to everybody!

I hope you all had a peaceful Christmas and full of happiness, with your families around a delicious home cooked meal and full of wonderful presents. This year I was so blessed to spend my Christmas holiday in Malta at 20 degrees with my closest friends. I have to say, I wished for a bit of snow and was sad to see none on the 24th but really I was on an island in the Mediterranean….Well, I think my wish came true so quickly now I can easily conclude that it’s snowing everywhereeeee! And I Love it…

Snow just makes everything so magical, doesn’t it?

And it makes me think about the New Year Resolutions!




I`m not going to get all emotional but the last days were so filled with positive energy and beautiful surprises for me that I just want to jump with joy and laugh all the time. For me, the last month of 2014 was really amazing and full of happiness and good memories. And I can only hope that 2015 will be more amazing and fabulous for all of us! I want the curve of our smile to last 365 days a year or almost. And if will not always be possible, at least let’s try together!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to change and what it takes to get there. I guess the newness of a year and the Resolutions we often create to be better. Change is one of those things we are often scared of, but always looking forward to. It’s one of those things that we wish would happen, but don’t necessarily take responsibility for to see that it does.

 What I would like this year for me is the Serenity. Because if happiness lasts a moment then I prefer the serenity! For me and for the people I love.

I started 2014 with fireworks, men twirling fire and the crash of waves coming in from the ocean. I spend my New Year’s Eve in Mexico and I had the chance to met 3 great people that gave me a life lesson. They asked me to write down my New Year’s Resolutions and to record something that I would like to leave behind. I could have put down a lot of things: stress, unhealthy eating, particularly bad moments or decisions I would have liked to change. In the end, I decided I want to let go of something that kept me from moving forward.

And now that I remember those moments when I stood thinking, I’m so grateful that I’ve become the kind of person that would rather look towards the future than the past. I’m so proud that at the end of last year I’ve decided to focus on two things: what I want to let go of from 2013 and what I want to bring forward in 2014.

Definitely, the best thing that I bring forward in 2014 was the decision to create my blog. I thank all those who have supported and who encouraged me in this project, now that I realized it’ll soon be the first time that we celebrate New Year together. On 14th of February, it’ll be Shopaholica’s Confessions first anniversary too!  I can’t wait to throw the biggest party ever!

Definitely, I want in the future to live my life the way I want to, rather than the way I am expected to. Because as easy it is to forget, you’re free to do what you want with your life. You must do only what’s right for you. Hold on, slow down and breathe in. I hope that you don’t rush into things because it feels like time is slipping by. Your age is your age. But more importantly, your life is your life. Don’t change your journey so that it matches someone else. We need to walk different paths in this life so the whole world can be explored.

The most important thing is to focus on your inner work and to Love yourself, rather than seeking happiness outside of you.

You must revel in the differences and enjoy where you are now. And the only thing I’m worried about is making the most out of every moment. That includes the moments I spend with the persons I love the most in my life. It also includes the most out of situations I find challenging, stressful or boring. That means that I currently work to find the most creative ways to brighten up my life and those around me. I have learned through this year that I don’t need to go out of my way to make my days meaningful. That is also the purpose of this blog and my whole entire life, to doing something for the greater good on a daily basis. Along the way, I hope to inspire others to do the same. Because I am hopelessly positive and very optimistic and believe that people are generally good. I believe in always being kind and offering people pieces of my heart.

 Every day I aspire to become a better person through conversations, life lessons, and reflections. This is what my blog is all about.

And so like every year, the 31st of December means looking back at all the amazing things that happened throughout these 365 days and reflect on all the crazy adventures and life lessons learned. However, what I want to tell you is that 2015 things will get even Bigger than they are now! Great adventures are expecting me already!

Meanwhile, I am here with some new images, right in the winter theme. Bucharest is filled with truly majestic places, but this one is by far one of my favorites. We shot these images at George Enescu National Museum on a rainy October afternoon. The only thing that kept me warm was my white natural FUR coat. Winter is not winter if there is no fur! Every year I say the same thing once snow settles in:

Never before have Furs been so IN! Difference is this year it’s actually true!

So if you want a glamorous look you must wear a chic FUR. They have the advantage of transforming any winter look into a potential fashion show. They can be easily worn over a cocktail dress or a super cool effortless look to spend the day out in the city. It’s your goal to reinterpret it perfectly with your own codes of style!

 I think you know by now, that fur is an essential piece of clothing in my winter wardrobe. Fur is the object of desire of all women. It’s a cool statement piece that I’ve noticed myself wearing all the time these past couple of weeks. That day I have combined it with my Top Shop leather pants, animal print shirt and black stilettos like I’ve seen in Roberto Cavalli Fashion Show this winter.

 This season it’s less about the outfit you wear underneath and more about the outerwear you pick!


Now Let’s start preparing for New Year’s Eve Party!

I wish you all a Night to Remember!


Make–Up & Hair Styling: Camelia Nastu