New Balance comfort

New Balance comfort

New Balance Comfort…Cause on weekends that’s all I really want!

Mixing a coat and bare legs with New Balance sneakers is one of my favorite stylish tricks. But the best part of my outfit is probably this colorful trapeze dress.

Wake up! It’s time to shed those dark monochromatic layers that you’ve been sporting all winter. Big and beautiful or minute and abstract, this season, flower power is boldly feminine and here to stay. Add flirty details like this white collar for an extra impact. You all know my love for dresses. And when I really think about them, there’s something so holiday-friendly about prints:

They’re cheery! They’re interesting! They’re lively!


You should have seen me at the photo shooting… First time of the season without tights… I don’t know about you but I have to say it…I hate tights and I never wear them even if it’s winter. I don’t really know if it’s good for my health…but now I’m really happy that Summer is almost here and we are blessed with this beautiful weather.
Dresses are the perfect pieces for spring and summer weekends and I often try my best to keep work in mind, which means – length, coverage and wiggle room.  
The only thing is that you need to be careful with the rest of your look and prefer flats over high heels. Trust me on this! I would wear high heels all the time if I could, but sometimes, nothing is better than a pair of sneakers to tone a quite sexy outfit down.

New Balance Comfort is the key…and always a good option…when I saw them in the store I couldn’t resist buying…even though I have, like, 3 similar pairs.

You know me…When things get tough, I’m SHOPPING! Not a day goes by without buying something.

New Balance Comfort is the new fashion dream!

Latest fashion movements brought into the light one of America’s emblematic sports shoes mark: New Balance. But why they are a MUST these days for any individual? Is it about an amazing PR or the product itself succeeded to convince? It was created in 1906 and was a revolutionary shoe that offered flexible arch support, improving considerably the balance and the comfort. So, the world’s most fashionable shoe was invented in medical purpose and was a top sports shoe for all athletes at that time.

Nowadays, New Balance is about that fashionable touch one can add to any outfit and still focus on comfort and fit. Well, this is the reason why I wanted to capture this outfit in pictures.

Need more proof for why you should let your vertiginous heels at home?

Look to the Spring 2015 runways, where the flats were everywhere, from embellished sandals at Fausto Puglisi to the polished black-and-white Mary Jane loafers at Chanel and the cool sneakers worn by Cara Delevingne at Burberry.

So…New Balance comfort is Here to Stay!

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Photo Credit:   Virgil Hritcu

Make-Up & Hair Styling:   Camelia Nastu