Why I choose the seaside during Autumn

Nayino Resort Hotel

Today is one of these days when I sit in front of my computer and ask myself… Why am I investing so much time in this thing? It started by chance. To travel is one of my biggest passion after Fashion and I noticed so many people asking me about destinations, experiences, ideas and images. So I thought: why not also write about my travels?

Just check the Travel section on my website to see where I traveled until now.

I started writing (very timidly at the beginning). I created a Site. It looked good and I asked myself: that’s a blog… I am managing it… so… am I a “travel blogger” now?? Or a Fashionista? Or both?

You are a WHAT? A Travel Blogger! But…*why*??!


Anyway I consider I’m a Lifestyle Blogger or better saying a Lifestyle Influencer. Because Blogger is Overrated NOW!

After the first enthusiastic moments I found myself immerged in a completely new world. I started reading about Facebook Pages, Twitter, Google+, Google Analytics, YouTube, Instagram, Guest blogging, traffic, SEO, trackbacks….. and I got lost in an infinite jungle!! I started reading and registering to so many new sites and social media, I didn’t even know they existed before.

I started spending long nights in front of the computer in between 20 registrations that somehow always fail and 50 blogs that give tips about blogging, but – wait a minute – where do I find the time to write my articles?
Well, you have to have PATIENCE.

So…I decided to forget all the technical jungle for a moment and start with an “easier” part. I started telling my friends & family about my new activity. They will for sure be my first and most affectionate readers. At least, that’s what I thought.
I want to share some of the reactions with you.

–      The most common reaction is: you are a WHAT? A travel blogger! So what do you do? I write about my travels! But why??!

–       There are the ones that do not take you seriously. “Yeah! A travel blogger!” (I try to ignore these)

–       And then the ones that ask you (with a worried face) “Is this your main business now?”

–      There are the ones that are happy for you and tell you that they will support you however they can but then… you notice that they never read or like anything you write

–     There are the ones that are happy for you and tell you that they will support you however they can and… fortunately they really DO SO.

–       And then there are the ones that tell you that it is to “intimate” for them. It is like getting to know too much about my private life. (Come on guys! I only show you that part of my life that you are allowed to see! I’m not giving you the secret password for my private webcam. )

–      There are the ones that tell you “ok – but don’t tweet from the airport or you will have your apartment robbed”

–      And then there is someone that loves you, understands the frustration, and asks you to create an account for him in order to be able to like your posts (Isn’t that cute? But that’s not really what that’s all about)

Does anyone of you bloggers recognize some of these reactions? Send me your answers below!


So, Why I’m a Travel Blogger? Because I love to travel and live a life dedicated to adventure and discovering beautiful and unique places. And I want to offer you the chance to see those places…at least in my pictures.

So that is why I blog — maybe someday, someone somewhere will stumble upon it, and there they will find an answer to a question they didn’t even know yet to ask.

Why I travel? …because I get the chance to discover new holiday concept resorts like the one I visited last week at the Black Sea Coast.

Discover a new holiday concept at the Black Sea coast and sublime your time in a harmonious and relaxing place all year long. Choose a double room with sea view or pool view in the main building of the hotel and you will instantaneously step into a holiday paradise.


So Why You Should Travel…

I could stand here and list a thousand reasons why you should travel. I could also rave on about how easy and how exciting it is, but then I would just sound like a condescending twit. I shouldn’t have to give people reasons to travel and you shouldn’t listen to people telling you to travel. Travel is simply something you do for yourself. You don’t need to go overseas based on what your friends say or feel.

You travel, just for you. The fact that you’re living and breathing is the only indication you will ever need.

So if that girl’s Instagram pictures make you jealous, or you’re in awe of your friend who just hiked to Machu Picchu or you have a serious addiction to travel quotes, than book a plane ticket or go to the seaside even if it’s October.

Don’t be the ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’ person. Be the ‘I did it and I loved it’. It’s much more fun, I can assure you of that.


I just really can’t sit still…the more I wander the more I want to see, the more I see the more I want to wander.
No matter where I go there is always a handful of things I want to do and see.