My Mexican Poncho

A fashionable garment that is on the must-have list, if you don’t have it already, is a Poncho!

This is the third time I wore an outfit similar to this post. I love how warm and comfy is my poncho!  Even if it’s winter now, I couldn’t miss showing you these pictures taken in October last year. Poncho is one of my favorite Fall/Winter trends simply because I have it in my wardrobe.



This Poncho it makes me feel like I’m leaving the house with my favorite security blanket hanging on my shoulders. This wool one with fringe detailing is really light and fresh. So, it’s perfect for windy spring and autumn days or cooler summer nights on the beach. You can still wear it during winter when the temperatures allow.

I have to say I was really enjoying taking these pictures because the setting was so beautiful. There is one thing I love about Autumn. Walking under a rain of leaves divided by the wind of change that the season brings with it.

So what do you think about ponchos? Are you a big fan as I am?

However, Capes and Ponchos are a must have this season, if you missed the article can be found here.

I saw this chic traditional handmade poncho in an old bazaar in Tulum city, Mexico. It’s made of 100% wool and I said it must be mine, regardless of the price! I’m always buying something to remember the places I’ve been and their culture. I was so lucky I found this shop on my way to the hotel, because I found also the most stylish cow leather handbags. I even made a good deal! You know already that I’m a Shopaholic! This poncho and two leather bags cost me just 100 $!

If you’ve never heard of one before, Ponchos have been used by native American people of the Andes since pre-Hispanic times. Now they are considered typical South&Central American garments. A poncho is a rectangular or circular shaped cloth with an opening in the center for the head. It was worn by men, women and children and was considered as a practical garment because it has a basic design. It’s so easy to make and wear and it provides warmth and protection. The colors and designs of ponchos were an indicator of their social status.

Today I hope you find some inspiration to wear one of my favorite all season item: a stripped blue Poncho. I often like to wear it with a tank top, skinny jeans and high heeled boots or even a pencil skirt. But that day I chose to wear it with a pair of flared jeans and white turtleneck. I complete my outfit with a pair of black stilettos from Mango.

Ponchos have become very trendy nowadays and hit the runways across the world in 2014! Their popularity spiked around Fall 2011. Since then, they have been worn by women all over the world, including famous celebrities.

Maybe you have seen the Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter Collection where Cara Delevingne led the army of models wearing personalized color block ponchos at Christopher Bailey’s captivating Burberry show finale.

poncho poncho_ShopaholicaLife 9poncho_ShopaholicaLife 10poncho_ShopaholicaLife 11

So, now you tell me….are PONCHOS IN or OUT right now, Where you live?