My darker Ghetto side

Once in a while I try new sunglasses, but only if the right outfit calls for it. Today is the case!

Channeling a little of my darker and even slightly ghetto side, I wore that day a black printed t-shirt with my leather pants from Top Shop. Adding to my ‘Back-to ghetto’ sporty ensemble some big colorful Adidas sneakers and these retro shades. The tank is almost dress-length, so what better way to wear and accessorize this outfit than my new Steampunk Retro Flip Up Round Sunglasses Lady Gaga Style (aka sunglasses).



Sunglasses are just those things you can never have enough of!

Just like shoes. And jewellery. And clothes. While it’s great convenience for us to just order online, it’s different with sunglasses. It’s something that I personally prefer to physically try on, even though I’m lucky to wear a large range of shapes and styles. These particular babies were a limited edition, so you know I had to snap them up quickly. These and another exclusive white pair from Miu Miu. You’ve seen it before in my articles   I think we all desire some retro stuff now and then. All fashion bloggers are wearing retro “steampunk” sunglasses. Don’t they look more technical than your I-pad?

Anyone who knows me or been following my blog or social media long enough will know that I’m pretty versatile with my style. Diplomatic description there being ‘versatile’. I think of it more as having a split personality.

So I have this ghetto side, right?…No matter how hard I try to hide it, I can’t deny it. I think it’s self-explanatory in these images. So, no matter what, or how opposite this particular look may seem against the others, I’ll always have this darker side. It’s my crazy side and definitely the most fun side.

 My urban sport look get up today. As I like to play around with new combinations in order to emphasize the black outfit, I added my colorful Adidas sneakers to my rather chic pants from Top Shop. It was about being comfortable, fusing sports wear with casual wear in a boyish ensemble. It was just about being low key but still cool and very minimal.

 I’m one of those people who feel pretty strongly about updating sports wear almost as often as updating their normal wardrobe. So it would only make sense to have a sports wardrobe just as awesome, right? Because it seems that fashion has gained some serious interest in sports right now! We all have seen some weird combinations passing by lately. Like sport brand logos printed on blouses and sweatpants united with heels.

As a matter of fact, the latest fashion trends are all influenced by sports!


Photo: Vali I. Popa

Location:  City Hall London