M&M’s World London

M&M's World London

Located on the heart of Leicester Square, M&M’s World is possibly London’s sweetest attraction and the largest candy store in the world.

Spread across 4 floors, the store is dedicated to the popular sweet M&M’s with exclusive chocolates, merchandise plus limited editions and seasonal items. Visitors can get the opportunity to meet the well loved M&M characters and have their photo with an iconic London Bus from the 1960’s.

This 35,000 square feet store selling M&M’s products and merchandise was built as part of Westminster City Council’s regeneration of the local area. It’s aim was to make Leicester Square a “world class destination”, based on the similar remodeling of Times Square New York. It has a wall where you can see how it has changed over the years and a quiz to see which flavor you are.

As soon as we were in front of M&M’s World in Leicester Square, it was impossible for me to resist, even if it was the second time for me. Not because it’s known as the largest sweet shop in the world, but because chocolate is my guide and I wanted to full my bag again with M&M’s colors!



A space big enough to house more than 100 double-decker buses dedicated to M&M’s, M&M’s World store in London is a colorful delight filled with 7 foot statues of the M&M’s characters and offering four floors of ‘retail-tainment’ in the heart of London’s Leicester Square, next to the W Hotel. The store combines a huge range of M&M’s merchandise (from clothing to kitchenware, bedding to jewellery, and even glassware) with British themed displays like the M&M characters recreating The Beatles’ Abbey Road crossing, portraits of M&M Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. The major attraction is a big red double decker bus, in the middle of the store, playing M&M short animations.

Well, it’s basically made for tourists. And they are everywhere. That’s mental. And crazy is the quantity of M&M’s products you can find in the 4th floor of this place. T-shirts, mugs, towels or any imaginable colorful souvenir with M&M faces stamped on it. But let’s be honest, who are these massive fans of M&M’s? But again, on my first trip to London I went back with plenty “I Love London” souvenirs in my suitcase. Who explains this?

For sure M&M’s World is a success and it’s also crazy!

M&M’s World store move the brand beyond confectionery and give it a place in popular culture. M&M’s World store center on the M&M’s characters, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Orange, bringing the brand to life through distinct personalities. The store provide an environment for visitors to browse exclusive themed merchandise, and have fun with interactive games and activities.

Photos, photos and more photos. Wherever you go, you want to take a different photo. As well all people there. So, be prepared to fight for your space. Not literally, obvious! It’s worth finding the viewing station upstairs where you can see people getting their picture taken with the outsized M&M’s.

Childish, for sure, but so much fun!



Best of all is the interactive ‘Wall of Chocolate’, where visitors can create their own custom-blended M&M’s selection from a choice of 22 colors, housed in more than 100 clear tube dispensers reaching up to the ceiling. Of course, you can buy M&M’s here. As well as M&M filled plastic boxes in every size & shape imaginable.

Offering a wide range of M&M’s chocolates and merchandise, the M&M’s World store reflect the huge popularity of M&M’s, the world’s most popular confectionery brand.

Beyond that, children must love this place. Parents must be shocked. The prices of the souvenirs are not inviting all but at least the funniest part of M&M’s World are for free. And I’m giving you a tip : you can have 15% off for all purchases made at M&M World London if you are showing them your London Pass.

Experience London easily and at a fraction of the price with the London Pass. Absolutely love the London Pass! We purchased the 3 day pass and used it every day to numerous different sights. If you are sight seeing London for the first time, this is definite buy as it’ll save you on admission to almost all of the places that you would want to go!

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M&M’s World is So cute!

It’s great to have a double-decker bus placed at the entrance of the attraction. And it’s much better to choose your own M&M’s colors and full your bag of chocolate. Ready to go! Loved it so much that would buy it every time I pass by the place. In this case, the price is not that expensive and I went back home with loads of variations of purple M&M’s.

No chocolate fan should miss this fun and exciting attraction in Leiscester Square. It’s a huge shop (it must cost them a fortune to keep it open), well decorated and attractively impressive from the outside. The staff cheer and dance a lot, presumably in an effort to bring a Disney-like atmosphere to the place.

They pump chocolate smells into the air which makes you feel immersed in the M&M experience from the minute you put your feet on Leicester Square!