Millennial Dilemma of Instagram

Living in the Millennial Dilemma of Instagram, we want to be good at everything, travel everywhere and buy only the best forever because these are the markings of ‘a successful life’.

We are taught to reach for the stars when it comes to the hopes we have for life. Isn’t it ?

I still remember when I found out that I didn’t enter the Finance-Banking Faculty, at Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. But I was the new student from Management & Business Administration Faculty.

It was the first blow of many to come. I wanted so much and learned for Finance, convinced that I will be one of their new students but ultimately, it melted my confidence down to a puddle. ‘I won’t accomplish anything in life now!‘ I remember crying to my Mom.


But here’s the thing, we don’t get everything we want in life, no matter how much we want it. As we mature, life violently teaches us this! it throws our confidence time and time again until we gain the experience required to be tougher. Later I was hired in a bank without doing that famous Faculty I was dreaming of.

On the brink of 30, I’ve felt worthless countless time, doubted myself when a dream, big or small was broken. But here’s what I’ve really learnt as I’ve aged, dreaming too big is immature and can only lead to dissatisfaction. With time, I’ve watched my dreams narrow, they are no longer flimsy but defined, striking the right balance of ambitious and realistic. It wasn’t long ago I believed I’d be married with at least one child by 32, for a long time that was an enormous dream of mine.

But it didn’t happened and the professional path I had planned couldn’t possibly correspond with a family, so I put one on hold. It could very well happen that I never have a family and I’ve made peace with that possibility too. The same goes for a relationship, I’d like a boyfriend but the kind of man I want is hard to find nowadays. And it seems nobody wants a relationship anymore.

However I still hope to find him someday.  😆

And often my professional fears surface when I consider where I should be to achieve the best. Living in London or Paris, would see me making far more money. However I prefer to remain here in Bucharest and slower my life. So, I made my choices, I don’t have everything I want but I’m happy with what I’ve prioritized. Because regardless of what you see on Instagram, you absolutely cannot have it all. You have to choose. Hovering, hesitating and hoping to achieve everything will eventually make you very unhappy. We are raised to believe we deserve everything we want but no one gets that deal in life. No one can have everything in life, you will always miss something. It’s up to you what! And as for dreams, sit down and seriously consider yours, but always prioritize your happiness.

Dreams are there to create a better, happier life. Not a private jet or a sponsored trip around the world. Real dreams are how and where and with who you’ll spend your typical Tuesday. I truly worry social media is horribly distorting our view of what a good life is but also, it’s swelling our dreams to the point of them bursting entirely. Instagram especially demeans our own lives – more times than I’d like to admit, I’ve suddenly felt despondent because here online are all these women at fancy restaurants, shopping at Dior, jetsetting to Bali; meanwhile I’m eating pancakes on my sofa, worrying about paying my bills. However, what they have doesn’t demean my own accomplishments. So let me say this, don’t allow the internet to belittle your own life or goals, be sure to prevent the internet too from inflating your dreams unrealistically.

Both will make you sad and life is too short to be sad! In fact life is too short for most things, including wishing time away on a million impossible dreams. So choose carefully and then, go and get it.

Better to be full of hope for a few dreams than waiting for too many to accomplish.


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