Milan Fashion Week September 2016

Milan Fashion Week September 2016 started two days ago with a whirl of excitement for me.

There is no other place in Italy with the energy and sophistication Milan has to offer. After the shows, we can go and play at the most stylish after parties in our statement shoes and bags.

I hope I’ll have time to update my website daily with photos from the shows I went to and outfit details!…These days Italian style is sending a jolt to the fashion world in Milan. From the 21st to the 26th of September, I explore the new fashion bible from the catwalks and let the best creative directors drive me through the upcoming trends and must haves of the Spring Summer 2017.

Is my second time at Milan Fashion Week and I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see the fashion shows. Especially the Dolce & Gabbanna one. For those of you who missed the FW16 one, you can still check it online and read all about it on my website. It’s absolutely spectacular.



Hello everybody from Milan!!!

It is that time of the year, or shall I say THE time of the year. What exactly am I talking about? I think you guys all know… It is indeed fashion month!!! As some of you already understood, the fashion month is one of the most important periods of the year for fashion industry, buyers, designers, influencers all meet to celebrate the new TRENDS and what’s to foresee in stores for the next couple of months. Each city has it’s own aesthetic as September is dedicated to New York, London, Milan and Paris. It’s fascinating to see how big of an impact a show can have and how quickly the messages created can be spread out. Fashion has always evolved with our society to reflect a part of it. For me it’s an absolute honor to attend these events as they truly shape and build the fashion world and marketplace. For sure we all will be looking at and possibly wearing.

I am currently writing this article from my apartment in Milan as we just landed Tuesday morning. I have to say, my body and feet are having troubles right now, but my excitement keeps it going! It’s absolutely amazing what I’ve seen and done until now. First of all I adore the city so much, and second of all love the style that people have here.

There’s so much charm and glamour in these pretty little streets of Milan. Definitely, Italy is my favorite country in the world.

For the trip I decided to wear a sporty outfit to match with my new personalized travel luggage from LAMONZA. These Lamonza cool stylish luggage I have received with my name on it and lifetime insurance are the best partner during Milan Fashion Week. I was surprised to discover that Lamonza offers the best array of quality products and a lifetime insurance. Wherever you are going and no matter for how long, you will find a LAMONZA product to fit your needs. Either you are going on a business trip or travel, or you are flying with your family to an exotic destination for holiday, they are taking your breath away.

LAMONZA products will be close to you as a reliable and quality partner.

milan-fashion-week-september-2016-_02milan-fashion-week-september-2016-_1711miilanfashionweek_7140Processed with Snapseed.


On my first article about Milan Fashion Week September 2016 I want to share with you some tips and tricks on how to get ready for an event of such sort. First of all know this, flash pictures will always attenuate your make-up. With that in mind don’t hesitate to go a little stronger on the contouring and shading as it will appear much softer on the shots. However, you still don’t want the cake face effect in person, so it’s all about finding that perfect balance. Second of all, make sure to always have with you a bit of mat powder to avoid shine. A bit of nude lip liner goes a long way, trust me. Try it! Try your poses in front of the mirror, even if it sounds so dumb it will be of a tremendous help when you’ll have to pose. Photographers are everywhere and if you will be lucky   you can be featured on a famous magazine, like Vogue.

During these days the most important is my hair and after having some troubles in finding the best products now I’m so happy to use MoroccanOil infused with Argan Oil from Topline Romania. MoroccanOil products are inspired by women everyday. Moroccanoil products have become famous because of texture, light and very natural looking results thanks to the unique way they instantly absorb into the hair without leaving residue. Exclusive formulas not only leaves hair shiny and soft, but improving hair condition, for a more healthy and more beautiful with each use.
Moroccanoil products are used behind the scenes of the most famous fashion and are preferred by top stylists profile magazine covers, fashion editorials and Fashion Weeks. World leader in professional hair products, Moroccanoil, has a wide range of luxury products and an innovative product for refreshing and revitalising our hair styling if we don’t have time to wash it everyday. For me is the perfect product during Fashion Week. And you can find them also in the airport.

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Last but not least, don’t forget to wear something that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable and a touch of your favorite perfume will make you even more unforgettable. I always apply my perfume right before running out, on my wrists, hair and on certain parts of my clothes. On the other hand, I also decided to match up a look to some statement bags and shoes.
Can’t wait to hear what you guys think of these few images shot by David Ghisa Photographer.

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We are ready to attack Milan shows again today. So, make sure to stay updated on my Instagram and do let me know which one of these looks is your favorite. So curious to hear about it!

Also wanted to thank you for all your support. It’s amazing to have you all following our MFW adventures!