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Milan do you love me?

Milan, do you love me?

Why do beautiful things end so fast? It’s been a couple of days now that I’ve returned from Milan. I almost didn’t felt those wonderful days spent in the fashion capital. It has honestly been super duper mega crazy for me as I’ve encountered a lot of really exceptional adventures !

Oh, Milan! I am head over heels for you. Really am!



I have decided that Milan is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, not only in terms of fashion but also in architecture, art, heritage, history. Not that I have seen ALL the world, but so far it has been one of my favourites!

My Milan fashion week schedule has been super full, such as various shooting for my blog, a lot of fashion shows and showroom events. Even if I didn’t have time to visit anything again, things got better and I’ve enjoyed an ah-mayy-zing Fashion Week experience in Milan.

Milan do you love me?

Without any time to do ANYTHING, including having food or post on social media. So I really hope you’re keeping up with my adventures now, as I’ve been able to write some articles.

The first day wasn’t so sunny. Fortunately, among all my light dresses, I had also Golden Fantasy bomber jacket from the anti-fashion collection KraxyRabbit. Get ready to make a serious statement in a satin bomber jacket decorated with Japanese motifs. The bomber jacket has powered through 2015 as one of the most versatile pieces and is still remains the same. Unlike many others, the bomber is ideal for changeable weather, so practical and stylish. I love it. For a Fashion Week worthy look, I style my bomber jacket with a pair of cropped pants and velvet ankle boots. It matched perfectly with these kaki pants and kept me warm all day long.

After a mix of chic feminine outfits, for my first look I choose something urban casual, with cropped pants, a fashionable item this season and velvet boots. Of course, the pink Metropolis bag from Furla, recently opened in Baneasa Shopping City, completed perfectly my outfit and has attracted plenty of attention.

During fashion weeks funny accessories and bold colours are definitely a Must Have. Especially at Milan Fashion Week which is more daring and bold than any other Fashion Week. You get to see a lot of inspiring outfits, epic show venues, and fun street styles.

kraxy-rabbit-jacket_dvd7197blog _dvd7287siteimg_9741

The first show of the season was Grinko and it definitely got my creative juices ahead.

Hardcore Revolution is the key word of the new Grinko SS17 collection. It is a real mash-up, based on a review and unprecedented combination of different inspirations, combined with an original unique aesthetic vision.

Therefore, the bohemian atmospheres of the New York 60’s are mixed with the typical Milan & Paris excesses of 80’s unexpected connected with the typical London minimalism of the 90s. Frills and tye-and dye with a super fit top combine their shapes with hyper-feminine dresses entirely made in precious silk-jacquard.  New mixes of fabrics unite and combine natural fibers such as cotton, silk, and linen with technical materials.

Iridescent silk organza dresses reflect the magic of the Northern Lights, fitting in a delicate palette of purple, blue, indigo, pistachio in addition to classic black and white. Even the accessories reflect this attitude: multifunctional pouches are combined with leather bags, and on the feet the models are using glamorous cow-boy boots, revealing an elegant high street heel.

It’s ‘a style in which the maximum freedom of expression represents a clear and conscious selection, signed by a strong love for the avant-garde cultures. Iconic element of this collection is a surreal “underground” ladybug. In this irreverent interpretation of the insect, there is a hovering between bondage and fables innocence. Those are all eclectic inspirations that in the designer’s hands become personal and recognisable languages.



After Grinko fashion show we took a Tourist Moment.

No matter how busy your schedule is, you’ve got to stop and take a photo with the Duomo. I swear no matter how many times I come here I will NEVER stop being a tourist! It’s just too beautiful!

Milan do you Love me?

Enjoy my look and stay tuned for more details about my Fashion Week in Milan 😉

Bomber Jacket: Kraxy Rabbit

Pants: Kraxy Rabbit

Purse: Metropolis Bag Furla

Photo: David Ghisa

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