Major Crush: Long Sleeve dresses

Long Sleeve Dresses is today topic on my website!

If I look outside my window right now I’d say it is fucking November!

But if I look inside myself it’s so sunny, and warm, and happy I’d say it’s bloody July. You know that I love summer!

And I’m still a ray of sunshine and THAT is the problem. I feel like a unicorn drunk on happiness and flowers, and sun. Even if everything around (aka the weather) is so gloomy and depressed. So I’m left in a haze and sartorial dilemma.

Should I wear summer like my heart says, or should I do autumn like Mother Nature suggests?

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Or better yet, is there something like a sartorial compromise that feels like a blessing?

I know! A leather jacket with a shot of whiskey? No. Maybe …a trench coat with a glass of rose wine? No. A chunky sweater with denim shorts and a bottle of champagne, okay? 😆  No. What is happening with you and the drinks? 

My dear beautiful ladies I am talking about LONG SLEEVE DRESSES. 

For me it’s the best love affair in the world. It really satisfies me. They look amazing and feels insanely gorgeous. And they have so many looks and models it can please anyone.

Long sleeve dresses have become somewhat of an obsession and crush for the past year for me. They really embody everything that’s effortless but also sexy and CHIC. They are the epitome of everything that stylists keep going on about. Do something comfy but make sure it’s sophisticated!

Wear something that says you barely bothered but that might also land you on the Sartorialist’s Instagram you know. That sort of ‘compromise’.

Well ladies, this is it: the Long Sleeve Dress !

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It’s all the above! Isn’t brilliant? What do yo think about the Long Sleeve Dress?

With the midi dresses on the rise and their big refusal to go anywhere, long sleeves are backing up this trend too. Those casual-chic midi dresses with long sleeves are everywhere these days, from weekends to office wear, from posh to super cool outfits.

Then there is the maxi dress, which is kinda losing ground. But this summer if you give it long dramatic sleeves, you’ll be the queen of street style! Think flowy chiffon fabric and if the weather’s too cold, add a jacket over it. Brilliant.

And then there’s the flowy, printed long sleeve dress aka 70’s Goddess dress. And last but not least the mini dress with long sleeves. It’s so perfect I’m surprised it’s not a going-out uniform. Oh wait!

You can order them all online on YLANA SHOP Facebook page.


Whatever the weather, the long sleeve dresses from YLANA Fashion will make your day!

They’ve got a crazy selection of colors, and styles, too!

Photo Credit: Virgil Hritcu

Make Up: Nicol Machiaj Profesional

Dress: Ylana Shop

Hair Color: Elgon Romania