Luisa Beccaria at MFW

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As you know I just got back from Milan or as I prefer to call it “a reason for an Italian getaway”.
Milan Fashion Week has finished last Monday but I still have so many pictures to show you! I don’t even know when the time has Gone! Since I’ve been wearing quite a lot of outfits in the past week, it’s so difficult to keep up with my posts. As always I love being different!
You know what is happening now? Every day there is another event, another shoot, another that, another this…When my evening is busy I just come home completely exhausted and unable to work at all.
But I’m trying to do my best and keep trying to post every single day about Milan Fashion Week. I Hope you enjoy!
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We spent the most vibrant and dynamic but beautiful days in Milan.

During Fashion Weeks is so hard to follow a schedule, because all the time something unexpected is happening. Besides running all around the city to catch the fashion shows, you must always Look Good and Smile. Even if your hair is not ok and you have circles! 😆 And is even worse when your clothes doesn’t fit anymore with the weather. So you’ll wear what you have and you’ll freeze to death!
Oh, well, I almost experienced all of them last week in Milan. But, I’m not complaining, because it was the most exciting week of my life. For me this Fashion Week looked so promising from the beginning, since I was invited to some shows I’ve never been to before! It was such a confidence boost for me and one more reason to be happy!
SO…the second day of Milan Fashion Week was one of the busiest as we have attended four fashion shows and one presentation and changed three times. I started it with one of my favorite fashion shows – Luisa Beccaria Fall Winter 2016-2017, called “She Walks in beauty”. For the first part of the day I decided to wear a floral dress with my sexy over-knee boots and Paisi fur along with my Chloe sunnies. The Chanel Boy Flap Bag  was the chicest way to accessorize my look.

Just have a look at Luisa Beccaria fashion show and leave a comment with your favorite one!

For Fall/Winter 2016-2017, the Luisa Beccaria woman is dressed in the enchanting dialogue of form and nature complimented with the themes of floral and geometrics. She is a self-confident and romantic woman, bringing together her love for wandering freedom and intimate atmospheres. The collection core focuses on the overlapping of weights and motifs, combined as if on a painter’s palette, giving substance and lightness at the same time.During the day the checked knitwear is worn with chiffon floral printed dresses, cropped pants, and jackets paired with soft peasant – like blouses. Delicate details include velvet embroidery, and hand-woven moments like a broderie anglaise. Within the outerwear offering; a tweed maxi-coat with bird-shaped brooches and decorations, sits alongside an immaculate hooded cape. the silhouette is soft and graceful, inspired by nightgowns or shown in godet-shaped skirts, while also structured with corsets highlighting the waist. Among the fabrics, velvet, taffeta, brocade, tweed, lurex, tulle and organdy.

Moving into the evening, the dream becomes precious and otherworldly. Diamond shaped floral motifs embroidered on tulle, three-dimensional leaf decorations, and hints of light that work together to inspire a sensual, spirited woman. The accessories continue to play with contrasts, rigidity and fluidity; thin belts, corsets, high heels with criss-crossed laces, and finished with satin chokers with a pendant pearl.

The chromatic palette pays tribute to the immortal European art from the 18th and 19th centuries from Jean-Etienne to Louise Elisabeth Vigee-Le Brun to Francesco Hayez. The color inspiration of the winter hues is deep and saturated turquoise and blue-green, with hints of ivory, power pink and metallic flares.

Finally Luisa Beccaria created some absolutely breathtaking dresses. My eyes got captured by her incredible designs, perfectly feminine with some extremely glamorous details such as pearls and rhinestones and above all a structure to die for.
So the second day of MFW definitely began with a great ambiance and a beautiful collection!
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I definitely fall in love with the new pumps, done in velvet and dark chocolate croc. The velvet collection is to die for and the silk fringes and stones displayed like the crocodile’s skin are just the perfect final touch to create these masterpieces.

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What can I say?

Fashion Week is constantly about getting something done and most importantly not being late. Because it’s a big problem if you want to get to see a show. But even in all this craziness there are still so many reasons to be happy and thrilled from time to time, like the beautiful streets of Milan.

Here are my pictures from that day! Make sure to follow me everyday for the latest and hottest fashion news from MFW!