London I Love you

The Bank London

When in London it would be rude not to make the most of the warm days, pose in the streets and jump out of the way of oncoming buses. I have to admit, London stole my heart forever. I have definitely fallen for this city and the people.

There is an elegance that runs through the city that makes me feel especially connected to it. I’ve always been a sucker for the details of things and London certainly pays attention to every last one. The architecture is breathtaking and unique, the store fronts are somewhat of a dream, and there are certain moments in your day when you turn a corner and feel like you’ve been taken back to the 20’s. Fortunately, one of my best friends live there and is always willing to welcome me, so I’m sure it won’t be long until next time.



Steeped in history and buzzing with energy, the London is certainly one of the most impressive destinations in the world. Historic buildings, lush parks, cultural attractions and its diverse range of people are just a few features that make London truly special. From ancient iconic buildings like the Tower of London to its newest skyscraper, The Shard, this city is a wonder to explore. Discover all the city has to offer in my new London articles.

London is calling my name in every direction. It started last year in September with a city break with my brother and his friends. It was the perfect choice for an afternoon tea. Last February I spend another week in London with my girls because I was so excited about everything. I interpreted my fate as a sign that London was the place for me right now. It’s a booming industry, a fashion capital, the market still has space for new models and bloggers and it’s commercial. Plus-cute guys with British accents.

So all together, I’ve been to London about three times. Which I think, means that I can give some solid travel advice. Take the underground – it’s not sketchy, it’s complex so it’ll take you anywhere, it’s faster than taking a car and cheaper. If you’re a practical human being (unlike me) and you wear comfortable shoes, walk everywhere. You’ll discover beautiful neighborhoods and the life of locals, shops from designers you thought only sold online and stunning little cafes. Live in central London, I know it’s expensive but it’s worth every penny. You can walk everywhere and feel the energy of the city just by looking outside your window.

London is divided into zones, so just keep in mind that “Zone 1″ is the place to be, but my favorite area in all of London is Notting Hill because it’s so calm, tidy and just beautiful. Convent Garden & Piccadilly Circus are second best! Yes, you must get afternoon tea at least once, and you must do all the touristy attractions because that’s what makes London so iconic. You don’t have to love the Buckingham Palace or know anything about it – just be there to feel the energy and excitement. Harrods is a shopping wonderland and I guarantee you will get lost at least once, but it’s the kind of “lost” you won’t mind at all.

On my first day in London, Elena and I took the tube to the Bank area, because I’ve honestly love this part of the city and I wanted to have some new pictures there. Situated along King William Street in the City of London, Bank is in the rich heartland of the nation’s capital. King William Street is known for its investment banks and other financial institutions, like the Bank of England and the Royal Stock Exchange. One of the most interesting buildings here is the Erotic Gherkin, an example of modern architecture in The City.

That day I wore my timeless gray trench coat and a fitting dress with my Stan Smith white sneakers for the comfortable above all. I’ve been looking for the perfect trench coat for ages as the Burberry one is out of my budget. I needed something for a good price and quality and that’s when I found this one at Zara. What a better way than starting a London holiday in an iconic trench coat that looks so classy and chic even when it’s worn with sneakers? Plus it makes me feel like a Brit girl. If you swap the sneakers you were wearing all day, you can turn into an outfit suitable for a perfect night out.


What else do I need than some great pictures taken in front of my favorite cathedral in London?

St. Paul’s Cathedral it’s 365 ft high and was the tallest building in London until 1962. This is the fourth incarnation of the cathedral designed by Sir Christopher Wren.

Stay tuned for a new article with my adventure in St. Paul’s Cathedral.