Let’s talk Knit!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Here I am, beginning another exciting year in a comfy and warm outfit:

Let’s talk Knit today!

But first of all, Let me say sorry because It’s been over a week since my last article. Yesterday I finally managed to finish an article about the New Year’s Eve party and I really hope you enjoyed it. These Holidays were like a breath of fresh air for me. I had the chance to relax one week in Malta for Christmas after a very busy year working on this project of mine – Shopaholica Confessions. After the New Year’s Eve Party I took another break and spent some days in Poiana Brasov. I didn’t talk to much about it but I’m a huge Fan of skiing and every time I have the opportunity I’m doing it. The feeling does not compare with anything for me! And I really needed to unplug and regroup myself with energy for a new beginning.

And now I’m ready to start a New chapter of my life! Can’t wait to share with you guys my photos and stories from Malta starting this week. You can’t even imagine how much photos I have left from my vacation that I haven’t shown you.

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Every year I say the same thing once winter settles down:

Never before have sweaters been so IN.

Last year the big oversized sweaters became a hit. Now they added something extra to it, a Turtleneck! How bigger the better! Same with the size of your sweater. So today I crawl in my big H&M sweater and took some photos down the Historical Place. The trend is definitely something for me, because I like to wear big cozy turtleneck sweaters. They are my favorites as the weather is so much cooler now in Bucharest. Now it is up to you! What would you prefer? With or without the turtleneck?

When I first laid my eyes on this turtleneck sweater, I envisioned wearing it like a dress just with a pair of boots or sneakers or some leggings. So, I thought it’s time to give it a go. I simply teamed it with my burgundy Zara boots, an oversized coat and a brimmed hat to really give the colors that extra lift. Layered against the cold in a wool coat adds so much more depth to the entire look. A hat is always an easy way to elevate any look. This one I bought it in September from Primark London and apart from the floppy brim, I really love the color!

Who would’ve thought a turtleneck sweater could be so versatile? Many fashionistas wears the trend well underneath a tough leather jacket or an oversized coat! The coziness of the turtleneck sweater softens up any look and brings attention to a beautiful face!

If you don’t have a turtleneck sweater in your closet already, get movin’ and buy one!

This season, also invest in an oversized coat and start warming up!

Stick to this mantra: Go big or go home!

IMG_6170IMG_6193IMG_6189IMG_6201|Sweater : H&M| Coat: Zara |Hat : Primark| Boots : Zara| Bag: |


Photo:  andreiarhip.ro