Lets Talk About Cellulite and LPG endermologie …


Stretch marks and cellulite are something over 90% of us women have. Of course we wan’t to get rid of it! But first I feel like it’s really important to understand what stretch marks and cellulite are.

You’ll see that afterwards it will be super easy to understand why we get them and what we can do about it. ♥︎



So think of a rubber band. If you stretch this band really intensely & quickly it will either break or it will at least get some cracks. The same happens with our skin. If the tissues of our skin get stretched beyond their flexibility, the collagen in it will get damaged, which leaves little scars all over our skin. Cellulite may seem similar but is something completely different. Our skin has areas where fat deposits lie underneath. If those fat deposits get too big or the tissue of our skin too weak, the fat areas will push through the collagen fibres, making our skin look like cottage cheese.

Okay, so basically the reasons for stretch marks could be gaining weight in a short period of time, growing really quickly or overall weak tissues & inflexible skin. Cellulite is also caused by excess fat & weak tissues, further by a lack of hormones & poor blood circulation.

Unsightly and sometimes even painful, these fat zones are resistant to physical effort and diet. More than that, with the pass of time, collagen and elastin production by young cells decreases with the effect of deforming the skin appearance.



  • DRINKING LOTS OF WATER – this will keep your tissues strong & flexible, which makes them less likely to break.
  • USING OILS & CREMES – I RELIGIOUSLY massage my butt and thighs twice a day with coconut oil or shea butter. There is no guarantee but I feel like this really helps to deeply moisturise the skin and make it more flexible. Pregnant women also massage their bellies with oil, so it has to make sense, right? Body scrubs are also awesome.
  • EATING HEALTHY – as I’ve told you quick weight gain and excess fat are some major reasons for your skin to break. If you eat healthy you will not gain sooooo much weight in a short period of time & you will less likely get cellulite or stretch marks
  • WORKING OUT – exercising is good for everything! Exercising will not only firm & tone your muscles, which makes your body & skin look more tight, but working out also increases blood circulation, which helps your skin stay strong.
  • NO SMOKING – cigarette smoke reduces the blood circulation, which weakens the collagen & therefore your tissues. That’s why smokers tend to get wrinkles, cellulite & skin discolouration’s more easily.
  • CONTRAST SHOWERS – they stimulate your blood circulation & metabolism

OK, I’m no way an expert but if you want to get rid of unsightly cellulite and extra pounds you can try the LPG Treatments at Beauty 9 Center. And also take into consideration these tips for preventing them. I research and know what works for me and honestly I hope that can help you too!

After 2 months of LPG treatments and body wraps I have a smooth and firm skin perfect for the beach.

LPG M6 Endemolab 2 works through liposuction to remove cellulite nodules. Praised for more than 30 years by thousands of women and approved by FADA, ENDERMOLOGY is a natural technique that gently mobilizes tissues to stimulate circulatory changes, activates the release of fat deposits, smooths cellulite and gives firmness to the skin. Treats cellulite, collagen, double stomach and localized fat, leaving skin supple and velvety. Body wrapping has also an active role in removing toxins and in rendering beauty and skin health.

So, besides a balanced diet and a regular physical activity, LPG endermology comes in our support with customized professional treatments as needed, along with home care cosmetics.

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