Let’s Go CHANEL shopping madness!

CHANEL shopping

Let’s Go CHANEL shopping at Paris Fashion Week!

It’s been almost 24 hours and our minds are still blown by the Chanel superstore Karl Lagerfeld created yesterday for F/W 2014 at Paris Fashion Week.

“Is this the supermarket we should have all over the world? “Yes! I hope so! Because I think it’s pretty chic, no? We invented 500 products.” – said Karl Lagerfeld after the show.

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Only God knows HOW MUCH IT COSTS, but Karl Lagerfeld had magically transformed the Grand Palais into a full scale supermarket. For sure his shelf stackers must have been working all night for this!

This season he created a supermarket which was fully stocked with not just food, but Chanel food! We’re talking about Eau de Chanel and Jambon Cambon. Who’d have guessed HAM would be the must-have item of the week, eh? He just branded everything with CHANEL.

Before the show began, a PR assured him that all the food left on display would be distributed to the homeless of Paris. So, this evening, the boulevards will be thronged with women eating extremely exclusive crudités from CHANEL Shopping fashion show.

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Oh, what a show it was!

As well as the groceries on display, there were many stars on the catwalk. Rihanna and Keira Knightley on the front row and Cara Delevigne doing a jig with Karl for the finale.

chanel shopping rihanna - www.alinavlad.comCHANEL shopping 9 - www.alinavlad.com



Of course, the actual collection was quite a site to behold, especially for the chic Chanel bags!

 Isn’t it always about the bags?

1. The chic Chanel shopping cart

Maybe if we just throw some Chanel chains around a shopping cart from our local grocer, we can also have one of our very own!

Chanel shopping details - www.alinavlad.comChanel shopping models - www.alinavlad.comCHANEL shopping 6 - www.alinavlad.com

2. The rolling Chanel shopping cart

You thought these were fuddy duddy bags on wheels, reserved for grandma, right?

Wrong! This season they come in patent quilted Chanel.

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3. The plastic Chanel bag

 Is it possible to request double bagging s’il vous plait?

Chanel shopping bags - www.alinavlad.com


4. The shrink wrapped bag

Guaranteed to stay fresh all year round. No expiration date!!!

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5. Le lait de Chanel

This is for sure the street style star of next season!

Chanel shopping coco - www.alinavlad.comChanel shopping nr.5 - www.alinavlad.com


All we can say :

This was the most magnificent show of all Paris Fashion Week so far!

Chanel shopping collection for Fall 2014 is about luxury after all. Presenting all their ‘real’ tendencies, the clothes were as upscale as any sartorially discerning woman might wish for.

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Conclusion is :

The Chanel shopping girl is a women who goes even in her Chanel clothes to the supermarket.”