La vita e Bella mia Donna

La Vita e Bella or “Life is Beautiful”, and so are you…

It’s been so hard trying to keep these photos a secret for such a long time. Back in February, I flew to Milan to join Fashion Week Fall Winter 2016-17. The following five days were spent shooting many outfits and seeing many fashion shows in one of the world fashion capital.

Now I’m so happy to finally share this editorial with you all. It’s perhaps one of my fondest memories from Milan and marked the end of Milan Fashion Week. Plus it’s a mix of a few of my favourite things: red roses, Yves Saint Laurent makeup, romantic dresses and Milan. There’s too many reasons to list why I adore this shoot, so I’ll just leave you all to make up your own mind. Like for an italian la vita e bella…for me this was.

La vita e bella 1 -


As my style progresses throughout the years, I find myself gravitating toward more simple and effortless pieces, but in all honesty I’m still at heart a romantic. ‘Until this day I daydream of wearing a fabulous dress to Dolce & Gabbana fashion show at MFW. I’m determined to make that happen this year! I’ve been to the Fantasy Dolce& Gabbana show but I couldn’t wear this dress because I was freezing and the rain didn’t stopped all day long.

You see… I’ve always had an ongoing affair with romantic dresses and lace. It’s one of those materials that instantly softens up your look and allows you to dream a little. The red roses applied on this Raffaela Moraru dress are so delicate and romantic. It’s definitely a great piece for all the events that’s happening this season. And the off shoulders are a subtle detail but a complete selling point for me.

Do you guys have a “go-to” dress for all the occasions?

Since beginning my website I have been continuously asked countless times what shade of red lipstick I’m wearing in my photos. If you scroll back to some of my first pictures ever back in 2014 you’ll notice that I was, and still I’m using the same red lipstick from YSL. This is a brand I genuinely love and have been using for years, so to be approached by an international beauty house like YSL to work exclusively together on a creative collaboration (and in somewhere none other than Milan!) is honestly a dream come true for me.

David and I took this as the core inspiration for our shoot, as well as portraying my version of “La Vita E Bella” moments. We decided to shoot in somewhere as iconic as Castello Sforzesco, but that day when I woke up it was raining heavily. So all my plans were ruined. But I wanted to add a subtle sentimental element to Raffaela Moraru romantic dress and shoot the story in our garden house.

So enjoy my tiny glimpse into the romantic world of YSL and Raffaela Moraru, where the colours seem more vibrant, the sun is always setting and the possibilities seem endless….when la vita e bella.

A place where you can fall in love and a place where you can dream.

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From Milan with Love”

I’d like to welcome you all to enjoy our story celebrating the colour red and the pure romance you feel when wearing a Raffaela Moraru dress. I think I will always be a hopeless romantic.

La Vita E Bella or ‘Life is Beautiful’, and so are you…


Photo Credit: David Ghisa Photographer

Dress : Raffaela Moraru

Make Up: Yves Saint Laurent

Necklace : Swarowski