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Here’s my KHAKI look for Fall season!

I really get into the fall vibes in London… and I think khaki is shaping up to be one of my go-to colors this season…I’ve actually never been a fan of khaki, but for some unknown reason I’ve found myself drawn to it lately. However last weekend while I was in London, I decided to try out a new combination which was inspired by this architectural city: burgundy and khaki.

London for me, is about a more experimental, underground and different fashion style. The whole ambiance of the city might have influenced the choice of this outfit. I wanted something unexpected and twisted to contrast with my previous looks. The goal was to create a sporty casual look perfectly edgy and urban.

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I really like to dress up and to wear heels as many of you know, but in London if you really want to enjoy the city you must wear flats and minimal make up. It’s all about finding a great pair of leather pants and matching them to certain tops and shoes to get that effortless polished look.

Since I absolutely love khaki, it was the perfect deal for my leather pants and burgundy ankle boots. This two edgy and urban colors together creates a perfect balance which I really enjoyed trying out. After all, it stays quite a simple outfit that kept me perfectly warm during the whole day.

I really love this Khaki hoodie!

It’s just perfect for fall in London because it’s not too thick, but thanks to it’s oversized design you could also layer another bottom underneath it during colder months. Paired it with my Zara burgundy ankle boots and accessorized it with the Retro Round Sunglasses and a leather bracelet from H&M. These are my favorite type of sunglasses. These are obviously the most authentic in style and shape and would work for anyone who consistently rocks a classic Ray-Ban Aviator, but wants to switch things up a little bit. As soon as you get your hands on a pair of round sunnies, you’ll love them so much that you may just start wearing them at night. If you’re a little nervous about channeling John Lennon, just remember what an incredible trendsetter he was in every aspect of his life.

When in London I’m always wearing my favorite black vintage hat. But now that I’ve purchased a total of three hats, I’m starting to wake up and wonder how on Earth I’m going to transport them home without bending them. It’s happened before when I put a hat in my luggage and then arrive at my destination to a hat with a wavy brim. Not fun, not fun…

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I think this is the perfect look for a September afternoon in London when you explore all different areas and hidden corners looking for a traditional pub where to rest your feet.

With pubs being such a major part of British culture, a London city break to me includes at least one evening spent in one of London’s pubs.When David Eyre and Mike Belben took over The Eagle in London, they combined pub culture with British dining and introduced this delicious concept. We found The Horniman at Hays near the Tower Bridge within a short stroll of HMS Belfast, Tooley Street and London Bridge Tube – however you won’t find another like it. The Horniman at Hays is one of many rare gems in the Nicholson’s collection of great British pubs, reputed for their distinctive buildings, intriguing history and vibrant atmosphere.

This area along the south bank of the Thames was historically known as the ‘Larder of London‘. The pub is on the site of the tea warehouse owned by Frederick Horniman, a famous tea dealer. Inside the pub, attractive friezes depict Horniman’s travels to Africa, India and the Americas. Step in to discover one of the best pubs of unique character, revered for its eclectic range of beers and its quality pub food, which are served, with a generous measure of famous British hospitality.

It’s so endlessly inspiring to be in a city that encourages citizens to express themselves through color and art! 

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Foto: Vali I. Popa

Location: Hay’s Galleries London