The Influencer economy it’s just getting better

“Influencer” is the biggest buzzword of the moment. The madness started in summer 2014.
That’s when I feel brands really, finally accepted that social media was here to stay. 2016 was the year when they finally accepted also in Romania. But we still have so much to work about. Up until then, it was, “Is this thing worth investing in?” And then Facebook and Instagram started giving out numbers, and brands said, “Wait, now we don’t have enough content to publish.” They used to do like 12 TV commercials a year. Now, a car brand posts like six or seven times a day on Facebook. Research from several firms shows that a majority of companies have developed influencer-marketing strategies in 2016, and influencer marketing is poised to grow in 2017.  So, are you ready?

Can’t pretend I’m not quite excited about this! Because I’m one of them!


Anyway, there’s been much dialogue lately surrounding fashion bloggers for the fact that it’s a highly controversial subject in terms of who’s made it, what they are doing, and who’s next in line.

I can’t pretend it doesn’t bother me – the stigma attached to the terms ‘blogger’ and ‘influencer’. I’ve been part of this game since February 2014 and I wear those badges proudly. Unfortunately, there is a sad truth and a particular shallowness that has affected the good name. Those just in ‘it for the money’ as they say, are the reason why these articles have been written.

Even if we all gotta make a dollar because we all have bills to pay, I have started this being so passionate about clothes and fashion. And I did everything I could to evolve on the way. Like in any new industry, there was a lot of work at the beginning and a teething period. But for sure, it was a good choice. The influencer economy isn’t going anywhere because social media marketing isn’t going anywhere. And in fact, it’s only growing stronger and stronger.

So, my advice for you is to follow the best of the best. The content creators who captivate and excite YOU and that doesn’t mean they must have thousands of followers. It just means you gotta learn from the best and LOOK for originality. Also, I believe that us, the influencers, must be friends. This isn’t to say go backstabbing everyone in the industry, but make influencer friends and help support one another. Sometimes a simple referral makes all the difference and they can be that much more helpful in veering you to the next level. Lastly and maybe most importantly, is to encourage others to grow. Anyone who’s truly successful knows there’s nothing more rewarding than sharing that success with the world and helping others grow. When you help other influencer to succeed, you also succeed.

If someone told me last year that I would be photographed alongside the world’s biggest fashion influencers and appear on GettyImages and on NOWFASHION, the first online magazine to publish photos in real time from fashion week, I would have choked on my cornflakes. Yet that possibility has eventuated – and I’m extremely proud to share these images with you.

It seems that my look for Blumarine fashion show was one of the best and it was spotted by Getty Images photographers. All because of my architectural sleeves, that blown up the last few seasons. Wearing jeans has become my new go-to uniform these daysHave any of you noticed? This pair of H&M jeans was great also for fashion week because the hem hits right above my ankles, which helps balance out the proportions of the outfit and show off my amazing Atelier Faiblesse shoes. Plus, it gives the look a super cool element!

Supposedly, Milan street style is the place to scout the latest trends, but that Vogue controversy may have left some of you puzzled.

Well… if you are still here for some good fashion inspiration, the huge sleeves are one of the top trends to wear this Spring/Summer. Could we all look up and see them everywhere?

Spring is here, bringing with it new beginnings.

This represents kicking off a really big year for me, with even more travel, more work and big plans.

The arrival of Spring would be a total understatement. The season represents a change in many things for me. I’m grateful for the past year and excited for the year ahead. New projects will take me out of my comfort zone and push my creativity to new levels.

I learn a lot through tackling daily challenges and it’s always gratifying to celebrate my achievements, even the small ones.  When you push yourself and share positive energy and love, you’re able to live life to the fullest.

What I find so exciting about Milan fashion week is our endless access to style, from the city streets to the runways. And I use fashion to express myself and propel my ideas forward, and I love it. This spring I celebrate the notion that my dreams, whatever they may be, are within my reach.

Beauty and opportunity are everywhere.

2017 is about defining your personal style by both exploring new looks and finding the go-to’s that never fail to make you feel confident and chic. There’s a solution for all our problems and it’s definitely in the details…

Be the influencer!

How ready are you guys to start transitioning into spring?