LATEX Trend 2018: Risque OR Sophisticated?!

Today I want to speak a little bit about this controversial trend because is dominating the Street STYLE scene and our Instagram feed. It should be no surprise that I’m a fan of the LATEX trend and I wore it quite often. Forget everything you’ve ever heard about latex, because the trend it’s already here so you must give it a try in 2018. Is it no longer reserved just for fantasy role-play.

Lately, latex has become a fashion sensation, with designers from Acne Studios to Vetements sending out creations on the runway. And thanks to some latex-loving celebrities—Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and Rita Ora—it has shed its fetishistic associations and begun to be a must-have. While the trend is rising on runways and red carpets alike, things are not so easy when it comes to wearing the look in real life. The question is: could someone who has never owned a scrap of latex pull it off?

For me it was simple, especially with the pants. I own already 2 black pairs and 1 red.

On a recent Saturday night, I test-drove a black rubbery look from and I felt the hottest woman in the room. The good news, is that latex in every form is a conversation piece, and you should expect to receive a fair amount of attention from admirers.

My views on wearing latex are similar to how I feel about wearing a lace bodysuit out. You simply need to pick the right piece that best aligns with your style. I personally feel that a monochrome look with small pops of color and varying textures look best with latex or vinyl pieces.

For understanding the hotness of vinyl trend in 2018, you should know that it was a statement during the 90s MTV days, when all the supermodels were styling it for us teens and pre-teens all over the world. They were like the best dressed with a style that was so easy to copy if you had the age and the balls. I didn’t because I only had 8 years old, but I secretly fall in Love with it. Maaaan… a pair of latex trousers, paired with a cropped sweater and a faux fur shaggy coat. I don’t know if you remember but Liv Tyler wore it in that Aerosmith video. It was the go-to-cool-hot look if you were a teenager or 20 something. So I guess being slightly younger at that time was my excuse to sit it out. Now I can finally wear it!

I started it 3 years ago when I bought my first pair of red patent leather pants with a huge amount of money. Red and black latex pants are huge this season. They look great paired with a soft sweater, an oversized hoodie, or a button-down big shirt for office wear topped with a blazer. Simple ankle boots with a small chunky heel look great, sneakers, chelsea boots, motorcycle boots.


I am after all a lover of leather, patent, vinyl, whatever… as long as it’s glossy and looks like liquid and paint me all over.

What is the LATEX trend 2018? 

Vinyl or latex is a style of shiny and glossy leather, patent leather to be more specific, and looks liquid if the items are fitted on the body. So many designers showed 2018 SS collections packed with latex and PVC that I literally cannot wait for summer.

So… with leather being a huge trend still, and red and black latex pants invading the Instagram feed… I figured it’s time to embrace the vinyl trend massive comeback and start having fun with this fabric.

Bloggers everywhere seem to love vinyl pants and coats. Fashion Week this year have been graced with some of the best street styles ever in vinyl.


At last year’s Met Gala, Beyoncé stood above in a couture latex dress designed by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy.

During the past few months Kim Kardashian has made no secret of her very own affinity for all things latex, rubber, and PVC. In September, she stepped out to British GQ‘s Men of the Year Awards in a see-through dress with a black latex bust, and two months later she raised eyebrows while making a promotional appearance in Australia wearing a dusty pink latex dress designed on her body by Atsuko Kudo. A brilliant designer with some of the hottest and most tasteful pieces out there. Second-skin like, too hot for school. Thigh high red vinyl stiletto boots, red vinyl coat or mini dress as tight as those abs, paired with fishnets – all are very risqué yet not necessarily bad, if done properly.


How to wear latex trend in 2018 like a grown-up?

First of all define grown-up, and second of all, do we really care?

The great thing about latex is that it looks incredibly sleek and shiny, EVEN elegant in a very dramatic way, so if worn properly it’s a great pick for any age and most occasions. If however it’s paired wrongly with racy pieces and excessive makeup – it tends to look cheap.

One word: plastics. No, no, really. At first glance, the synthetic material may seem a perplexing textile to weave into your everyday wardrobe. Often associated with the fringe but no less fashion-forward tastes of your neighborhood punk and dominatrix, PVC separates seem like a fashion choice best reserved for after-hours. But this fall, the sleek material is sliding its way into the daily rotation with surprisingly little to no effort.

In order to pull off the latex trend 2018 try to pair it with more contrasting pieces and fabrics:

  • knits
  • cotton shirts
  • faux furs
  • beanies
  • chunky sweaters
  • hoodies
  • sports clothes
  • sneakers
  • tweed
  • checkered prints

The final result is pure sophistication rather than risqué vibes. Mini latex skirts look great paired with tucked in t-shirts, turtlenecks, coats, and ankle boots.

Latex coats are such a statement and they are the polished version of any coat, they’re like the superhero costume we could all use every now and then. Though a coat’s main purpose is to keep you warm, it is still the one item that can make or break your fall wardrobe.

A slick pair of inky black pants may feel a little aggressive for the office, but when paired with a crisp, business-ready button-down the look is hardly an HR nightmare. If you want to have the most daring outfit, you should pair two vinyl pieces together. Simply layer with a subtle T-shirt to break up the sheen and balance vinyl’s obvious shine.

Latex may be synthetic, but its endless style possibilities are more than real.



So unless you do wear latex as part of some costume, I say latex trend 2018 is pure sophistication with a grain a risqué, a risqué I’ll take and flaunt if I have to, but I’ll be damned if I sit it out.